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4 June 2009

  1. Whitehorse · June 4, 2009

    Went in for some wings (obviously) and it was incredibly busy!

    My aunt asked a couple questions about an empty table and how long the wait would be.
    The girl felt intimidated and spoke to one of her co-workers.

    The other co worker [name removed] came over, put her hand on my hand explained that we were being intimidating waiting around for a table and was not very nice about it. My aunt wanted to know the women’s name do she asked. [Name removed] came over and re demonstrated her grab an snapped at my aunt saying it was light friendly touch.

    Not sure why this women would feel like lying as there were people around watching.
    Not only did [name removed] say her co-worker was intimidated but she threw her co-worker under the bus saying she didnt know her job well.
    My aunt stood up for the young girl and said she was doing a great job.

    Then out of no where a manager came over, A LOT younger than [name removed] and got really close to my aunt to see what was up. My aunt was a little put back by her coming up and just said as polite as possible ” I think we’re just going to go”

    Instead of apologizing for the inconvenience and trying to figure out the issue, the women snapped and said” I think that’s best”

    I could not believe the low level of customer service in such a busy place.

    Never throw your co-workers under the bus, don’t touch customers as you don’t know them and what their comfort zones and as a manager always back up your co-workers without insulting a customer.

    The intimated girl did the right thing in how she felt, [name removed] should have just watched the situation and of anything else happened, take action and the manager should either step up her game or be fires because she was incredibly unprofessional. Although the manager did back up her co-worker and said she wouldn’t have meant to grab her hard which was good but she was rude in the way she said it.

    I’m sure the wings were excellent, the place was packed!

  2. Lesley · June 4, 2009

    Myself and my friends went there one night this past summer and it stank so bad in there that we just left. I understand its greasy food, but so is the food at other places like Montana’s, or Don Cherry’s but you don’t leave there stinking of grease. ewww!