Wendy’s Restaurant

272 Torbay Road , St. John’s , NL A1A 4E1


35 Kenmount Road , St. John’s , NL A1B 1W1


70 Old Placentia Rd , St. John’s , NL A1P 4P5



Get out

I’m sick of people complaining about the weather here. What do you expect? We live on an island in the North Atlantic and we’re bound for unpredictable and sometimes annoying weather. It never gets so hot or so cold here that you can’t go outside and do something. My recommendation for all you complainers is […]

30 March 2011

  1. Dave · March 30, 2011

    Kenmount Road & Mount Pearl Wendy’s are fantastic as far as burger joints go, but stay away from the Wendy’s on Torbay Road. The slop they serve is disgusting (That if it’s cooked properly in the first place). It’s amazing how bad the service/food is at Wendy’s on Torbay Road, and if you want to dine at a clean Wendy’s it’s certainly not the best choice.

  2. M Seaward · March 30, 2011

    The best fast food burger joint, end of story.

  3. Meg · March 30, 2011

    That’s actually not true. I work there. -.-

  4. Tommy · March 30, 2011

    Actually I half agree with Dave, Torbay Rd used to no where as good as the other two locations. However since the location had a kitchen reno in spring of 09 it has vastly improved.

  5. J · March 30, 2011

    Good place. The staff has never been bad in my experience, but nothing standout either.

  6. Roxann · March 30, 2011

    My husband and I ate there Friday night…It was appalling!! The kitchen floor was filthy with garbage, employees were standing around doing nothing and the place was not busy !! Will never return and advise others to do the same. Obvious the Manager on duty was ” off duty”. Too bad…the food was great but the mess was a huge turn off…I feel like calling the Dept. of Health!

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