The Outport Restaurant and Pub

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1495 Topsail Road , Paradise , NL A1L 1P9


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10 Reader Reviews of The Outport Restaurant and Pub

(7 positive, 3 negative)
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    Overall Rating44444
    NomNomNom Says:

    They have the best cod au gratin I have ever tasted, and everything else is made fresh and is tasty. Drinks are a bit pricey but really its worth it!

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    Overall Rating44444
    Ally Says:

    Good food, decent prices, nice resturant.

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    Overall Rating55555
    Mark Says:

    I have ate there several times and i just can’t get enough. the food is absolutely delicious. Has a very good atmosphere.
    People say Montana’s has the best ribs in town but i have to disagree. as well, the pea soup is to die for.

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    Overall Rating55555
    Sam Says:

    I loves the gravy.

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    Overall Rating22222
    Mark Says:

    Good food until we found a hair in the poutine. You can see back into the kitchen and notice the cook’s do not wear any hair nets or hats!

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    Overall Rating11111
    Brenda Says:

    April 22, 2012

    The worst food we have ever eaten. The fish was terrible and so were the fries, no taste whatsoever, the fish was frozen fish and absolutely tasteless and we couldn’t believe the fries were tasteless. This was our second visit. The price very high – two fish and chips and two soft drinks over $32.00. Would not recommend to anyone.

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    Overall Rating55555
    Jaime Says:

    Had their Jiggs dinner. It was fantastic. Wait staff was very friendly, and I liked the atmosphere there. This place was recommended to me, and I would definately recommend it, to anyone else. Will for sure be going back.

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    Overall Rating11111
    andrew denine Says:

    Assuming that a meal of fish and fries cost around $12.99 and a free refill drink is approx $2.99..I don`t know how you expect this to me expensive. If you can`t afford a $32 meal then you should stay home and cook kraft dinner,

    feeesh is delishhh

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    Overall Rating44444
    Carol Says:

    been there on countless occasions the food is always first rate the at.mosphere is fantastic . you could not find a more friendly and delitable waitresses on the Avalon, However for fountain drinks I think there should be free refils.

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    Overall Rating55555
    Rosie Says:

    Yesterday my husband and I had the opportunity to enjoy an excellent meal…beautiful personality of our waitress and clean and tidy surroundings of the resturant. Would definitely tell others.

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