Swiss Chalet Rotisserie & Grill

70 Aberdeen Avenue

193 Kenmount Road

Delivery Service: 1-866-439-0439


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9 July 2012

  1. sexydiabetichamster · July 9, 2012

    swiss chalet sauce is awexome, I wish it flowed from the taps.

  2. blueberries for sal · July 9, 2012

    they cut the veggie burgers. WHO DOES THAT!!!!!!!!!! they double-reverse-discriminated

  3. Heather · July 9, 2012

    I find the food and service in the evenings is hit or miss. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad, and sometimes it’s mediocre.
    My fiance are late lunchers. We usually go to the Aberdeen Ave. one around 2pm (the lunch rush is over, and the supper rush is a few hours away so it’s not very busy). We’ve gone there at least 20 times at this hour, and have never gotten bad service (a few eye-rolling & huffing hostesses, but the servers have always been friendly and attentive). The food has also been pretty great. We had an overcooked/borderline burnt garlic cheese loaf once, but no complaints other than that.

  4. M Seaward · July 9, 2012

    Good food and service overall, but their dipping sauce has nothing on the sauce you get with a quarter chicken meal at pizza delight.

  5. Jeffrey · July 9, 2012

    I recently visited the Swiss Chalet on Kenmount Road in St. John’s and was appalled the dirty and unsafe conditions. At a first glance the tile floors in the main restaurant were very greasy and slippery. My spouse visited the ladies room ans informed me it was too dirty to use. Another female in my party informed me that she felt as though she had to clean the toilet before she used it. Please think about where you decide to eat next…

  6. Janet · July 9, 2012

    Only get to the city 3-4 times a year .Always make sure we go to Swiss Chalet o Kenmount Rd . The food is always awesome and the service the quickest I had ever seen. Went there when we spent Christmas in the city the lineup to get in was 10-15 minutes the time to wait once we were seated was 1 minute . The food was excellent Only wish there was one in Central NL.

  7. Walter · July 9, 2012

    Went there with a co-worker for lunch one day – was half through my meal when I found hair on the side of my plate. I brushed it off and then found more hairs under my fries. I didn’t have to pay for the meal, but they still charged me for my drink. I didn’t leave angry, but I’ll never eat there again.

  8. Mel · July 9, 2012

    My son has alot of allergies and this is one of the only places we can bring him to eat. The food has little to no additives so when you order chick it’s what’s you get, same with the fries. Nothing fancy, but it’s a decent place to bring to family.

  9. Tony · July 9, 2012

    High dining for the uncultured all over Nfld.I can cook better off my bbq on the patio.

  10. greenlight · July 9, 2012

    You wouldn’t expect it, but their burgers are amazing! So tasty. I’ve also had their southwest chicken flatbread which is good too. Their menu could be a bit more adventurous; everything on it is pretty ordinary. But the service at the Aberdeen Ave location is great and the food is simple but delish.

  11. mark · July 9, 2012

    Will never go back there again on Kenmount Road. Waited in the line up for 10 mins, got seated and we were 45-60 mins waiting for the server to come ask us for our drinks. I then had to approach the waiters and say i was really thirtsy and was waiting a SUPER long time. she appoligized for the wait. As well, the people next to us got served had there meal and was gone even before we even got drinks !!!!
    i will never go back there, service is horrible and i will not reccommend this place to any one i know !!!!!!!
    So many better places to eat in and around St. John’s !

  12. Micah · July 9, 2012

    Its fine if you dont mind the rat problem. Also last time it looked like the carpet hadnt been touched with a vaccuum in over a year. The floor tiles were greasy and slippery.

  13. Brian · July 9, 2012

    As this location was so over run with rodents I’d never eat there again. Management and staff should have complained. How can we ever trust the location will be sanitary. Hand washing enforced, hair nets, runny noses.

  14. Karleena · July 9, 2012

    The last time I ate at the Kenmount Road location I had terrible service. With an SPC card you are supposed to get a free appetizer, so I ordered the perogies along with our drink order. Fine and dandy. 20 Minutes later our drinks showed up, and still no perogies (all we had was water!). I asked about them, and she said she had forgotten to put the order in. Not to mention it looked like she had a cold and could sneeze on me at any second, I was thoroughly disgusted. Another 10 minutes later she finally came back to take our food orders. There were 5 of us, so we realized it could possibly be a wait on food, no big deal. But my perogies still hadn’t shown up, and by this time the other people at my table had their appetizers (one had soup, another a salad – which was still practically frozen, obviously not fresh). I asked the waitress once again about my perogies. She looked at me and apologized saying she had forgotten about them once more, and then proceeded to use her sleeve to sneeze into. Gross! We waited for another 15 minutes, and then our meals came out. Rotisserie chicken dinners, nothing big. At this point we’d been there for about 45 minutes. Still no perogies. I asked the waitress again, and she proceeded to tell me she had put the order in and it would be out shortly. I thought alright, and slowly began nibbling on my fries in attempts to satiate my hunger while everyone else proceeded on. 30 minutes later I hadf nitpicked my way through my whole meal. The waitress came by and asked if we’d like to order dessert. I asked where my perogies were. She said she never realized, and had accidently given them to another customer! This was getting ridiculous. She asked if I would like some to go. I just gave up and said fine. When she brought the bills out 10 minutes, I STILL had no perogies. I told her not to bother and then I proceeded to give her no tip, and I called later that day and reported the horrible service. The manager apologized and promised that the next time I came in I would get a free meal. They closed a week later and would not accept the fact that I had a free meal at the other Swiss Chalet, even though the old manager was working there at the time, and knew who I was and why I had called.

    There is only one thing worth eating there, and that’s the rib sauce. If I could bottle that up, I probably would never need to go to their restaurant.

  15. East End Boy · July 9, 2012

    Ate at Aberdeen location (Kenmount is now closed) about a month ago. From the overcooked food, messy restaurant (as I went to sit down, there was dried on spilled food and a stack of old receipts on my booth seat that a server must have lost? the floor beneath our booth had spilled food as well) and poor service (our female server seemed more interested in chatting with her coworkers than serving her customers… she forgot at least 4 items we asked for [sides, sauces, beverages, cutlery that was missing], during our meal, and never once asked if we liked anything ~ her abrupt manner became a joke with myself and my 3 dinner guests). I am a very generous tipper for good service (usually 25% or more), but left barely 5% for this terrible experience; I will not hurry back anytime soon.

  16. Oz · July 9, 2012

    I intended to call the 866 number and get some SC takeout for myself and a friend last night. We settled on quarter chicken/half racks. I called and was connected to someone at their national dispatch. I tried to order for pickup at the Kelsey Drive location and was told that one of their ovens was out so they weren’t taking call-in orders and that I’d have to walk in to get served. If I wanted to walk in and wait 20 minutes for my food, I’d sit down and eat it there.

    I was driving to pick up so I asked him to change the location to Aberdeen Ave/Stavanger Drive, and he told me I’d have to walk in there to order as well.

    I just hung up and called Montana’s. Their food was good.