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180 Water Street
338 Water Street, 739-8292
18 Commonwealth Avenue, Mount Pearl, 364-2582
179 Elizabeth Avenue, 753-7520
46 Torbay Road, 754-4877
462 Topsail Road, 747-2582
9D Kelsey Drive, 738-8292
95C Stavanger Drive, 753-8292
Bidgood’s Plaza, Goulds, 368-9899
Village Mall, 364-2585
Villa Nova Plaza, Long Pond

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49 Reader Reviews of Subway

(7 positive, 13 negative)
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    Diane Says:

    I have a complaint about the Subway near George Street.

    I work nights downtown in a place with no washroom. I usually use the washroom at Subway, and buy something small. I have no problem buying something so I can use their washroom.

    The past three nights, I have tried to go in there and the manager yells “washrooms are out of order!” to me. I ask “both of them?”. “Yes”.

    Now, I totally understand he is probably annoyed with all the drunk people wanting to use the washroom. This is why places usually have washroom keys. I came in with money in my hand, and he dismissed me before I even had a chance to buy something. With what I am 90% sure was a lie. Both washrooms were broken? That seems very unlikely.

    If he wasn’t lying, and they were both out of order, what kind of a way is that to run a business? Subway downtown, where they probably have tons of people fresh from the bars, and no working toilets? Isn’t there a law about needing toilets if you have seats?

    At any rate, the manager was dismissive and rude. I understand drunk people can be annoying (I work the night shift too and deal with them myself). It is still bad management to be snappy with people and lie to them, especially if you have no reason to.

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    Anonymous Says:

    Call the head office on Kenmount Road and file a complaint… Trust me when I say I know the Subway goings on and you are more than Just to file a complaint.

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    Overall Rating33333
    M Seaward Says:

    Quick, tasty, cheap, but lacking quality. Go to Quiznos if you have a choice.

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    Overall Rating11111
    Joe Says:

    Meat infested cheese, i am a vegetarian who refuses to eat at subway. They don’t change their meat infested gloves only if you ask and they maul over the cheese after handling meat and touch the veggies after handling meat. I love veggie subs but subway veggie subs are infested with processed meat. Wouldn’t advise any vegetarian to eat their.

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    Overall Rating55555
    Dawn Says:

    You’re a bit extreme, don’t you think?

    It’s hilarious to think that you probably eat “meat infested” veggies all the time but just don’t know it because you can’t SEE people preparing your food more often than not.

    Also, how are people possibly supposed to know that you’re vegetarian? If you ask them to change gloves and they do, you have nothing to complain about. If they changed gloves every time they touched something different service would be considerably worse. Not to mention, ouch on the environment!

    Get over yourself.

    On a side note, I absolutely love Subway and all of my meat infested veggies. My only complaint is that no other Subways have pineapple other than the ones in CBS. That makes me sad.

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    Overall Rating55555
    Naomi Says:

    Subway on Torbay Road has pineapple!

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    Overall Rating11111
    yowsers Says:

    the subway on stavanger drive has THE WORST customer service i have ever experience anywhere in my life.
    seriously, a note to the workers, if you hate your job THAT much.. LEAVE and find something where you don’t go to work with a frown on your face every day.

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    Overall Rating11111
    JB Says:

    Have to agree with this one. Every single time I go there the staff look like they’d rather be shot than serve me. One will poke their head out of the back and look around at the others to see if she indeed has to be the unlucky one.

    The funny thing I’ve actually noticed is that I’ve seen new staff come on there, and they still manage to end up with that same apparent attitude. It must be contagious. There’s also the fact that when each slice of cheese you peel off makes you die a little inside, you’re also really, really slow at making subs.

    Glad someone pointed this out. I wouldn’t have thought to post it here.

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    Overall Rating11111
    Tony Says:

    Those rude fools!!!

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    Overall Rating33333
    Tony Says:

    The Goulds subway has pineapples:)

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    Overall Rating44444
    Tony Says:

    Subway is a decent sandwich joint.The subs could be a tad cheaper, but it’s a nice alternative to the mundane fast food joints out there.

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    Overall Rating33333
    Katie Says:

    Don’t have a review for any specific location, just Subway in general. If you have a sandwich called a “BMT”, I should not have to pay extra for bacon. BMT is inspired by the term BLT, no? Which means Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato. Therefore, any person with common sense would deduce that a BMT would mean something like Bacon, Meat, Tomato, yes? Or at least would assume that the B means bacon, right? BACON SHOULD BE INCLUDED. But their Italian BMT is still my fav.

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    Overall Rating22222
    Nathan Downey Says:

    It stands for Big Meaty Tasty. I wish I were joking.

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    Overall Rating33333
    Subway Conductor Says:

    Interesting trivia that may spare your Caps Lock key: It is a play on the acronym “Brooklyn Manhattan Transit”, a subway line. As a sandwich, it stands for “Biggest, Meatiest, Tastiest”.

    And now you know!

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    Overall Rating11111
    J Says:

    I’ve never had a good experience with subway in st.johns. The worst one was the one on Torbay. It was late and there 2 teens working. I was greeted with a couple loud sighs upon entering. They asked if i was sure i wanted something to eat when ordered. When they did finally make the sandwich they couldn’t possibly have put less effort into it. Combine with the fact the 2 jokers were messing around in the store and neither of them looked like they had scene a shower all week. I understand working the night shift sucks, I’ve been there. But this was inexcusable.

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    Overall Rating11111
    Kay Says:

    The store on Stavanger Drive has poor management. I have been in the store when the Supervisor/Manager has been rude to staff, while she lounges around and appears to be doing nothing but ragging on the staff. Not a wonder the employees look like they would rather not be there! I will not reccommend this store to anyone!

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    Overall Rating11111
    Pickle Picasso Says:

    Everyone is always droning on and on about funding for the arts in Canada. Which is in a sad state, sure. But far more troubling is the state of funding for the sandwich arts in this country.

    Holy moly, a bun that looks like it’s been sat on, with two bits of meat and a couple of token pickles and bland tomatoes swimming in a gallon of mayo isn’t a sandwich, it’s a stew. Ew stew.

    Who wants to write a Canada Council Grant with me to get these kids some raises so they can afford to give half a shit about their art?

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    Overall Rating11111
    Not Okay Says:

    I have never in my life been to an establishment like the subway on Kelsey drive.
    On Sept 4, 2012 about 330 , i asked for a footlong and two 6 inch and because the young fellow
    Made a mistake and cut the foot long he was very rude. Not withstanding there was a lineup to the door with only 2 people working- one of which were on the phone talking to someone about school starting. The two of them complained out loud for all to hear that they didn’t have enough bread and the the 3 workers who were on before, whom they named aloud, did nothing while they were working. The young man very sarcastically tried to tell me what I had asked for – or what he heard- because I know exactly what I asked for, I hav the same each time. Very simply gsm cheese and mayo footlong nothing extra, and steak and cheese 6 in, nothing extra, and a 6 inch with mayo nothing extra- Not a complicated order, yet he made a point to raise his voice to tell me me what I asked for. In any case, the line up of people were not too impressed as well. They were kicking the food that fell on the floor from under their feet. It was disgusting how they had little regard for the people waiting and no concern if the customers returned or not. I know it is one place I will never go to again. Awful service, lack of concern for customers and very rude- over a mistake with a piece of bread. Give me a break!!The owners of this store would do good to hire more personable staff and the owner of the Franchise of Subway would do well to send a secret shopper in there. My advice is to try another subway- if the service there is no better- go to Quiznos.

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    Overall Rating11111
    Not Okay Says:

    Sorry- not gsm-” ham”

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    Overall Rating11111
    Kay Says:

    I see alot of comments here about the attitude of staff….well from experience let me tell you that the staff morale would improve if the management made any effort at all ! The Manager on Stavanger Drive is rude, self important, critical, mean spirited and when a staff member wants or needs something she refuses to answer her phone or return emails. There is no postive reinforcement or opportunites to improve because the staff follow the mangements lead! Kind of a “Management doesn’t care so why should I” attitude. The owners need to take a closer look at why the staff turnover is so ridiculously high! After a few weeks nobody wants to work there! Of course the turnover in Management is almost as high as the tunrover in staff…sooooo….You think somebody at Subway Head Office would notice?

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    Overall Rating11111
    Kyla Says:

    Subway on Water Street east has a very rude arrogant junior manager.

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    Overall Rating11111
    disgruntled customer Says:

    Bad service at all locations!

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