Stogger’s Pizza

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77 Harvey Road, St. John’s, A1C 2E9


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5 Reader Reviews of Stogger’s Pizza

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    Overall Rating55555
    frenchie006 Says:

    Love their pizza. Good prices and good atmosphere. Sometimes needs to be more tidy

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    Overall Rating55555
    Ed Says:

    BEST Pizza in Newfoundland!!! Bar None, second would Donninis’s in Clarenville Try em both for the best Pizza

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    Overall Rating55555
    tee Says:

    Very considerate about the vegetarians… like washing hands in between, using different counters, etc.

    Def one of the best pizza’s in the city

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    Overall Rating44444
    Bitchslap! Says:

    Tasty! Though they don’t seem to have slices ready as much and that sucks! Someone mentioned Donini’s in Clarenville, that is THE BEST, but Stog’s is pretty close.

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    Overall Rating33333
    Steve Says:

    Decent pizza. Definitely better places around in town and definitely much worse. The ingredients they use seem to be pretty fresh, like the veggies and meats, good portions of cheese and sauce as well, but all in all very salty compared to other pizza places. Their crust has to be the biggest downfall. Dry and hard with the flour dust all over the bottom every time I’ve had it.

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