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21 October 2008

  1. anon · October 21, 2008

    Undercooked french fries
    If their prices were lower
    Maybe I’d go back

  2. Maureen · October 21, 2008

    We beat the lunch time rush and got served quickly. I had one called something like, Double Bacon Chesseburger. I mostly liked it. The worst part of it? The gravy. I didn’t like that at all. Had they left that off, would have been great. My husband had the curry chicken one, that was pretty good too. I’m not the biggest on poutine, maybe take a dart back there every couple of months. But overall, our first experience was decent.

  3. cleanitup · October 21, 2008

    Good place for a munch but the number of Smoke’s boxes littering the street since they opened is disgusting. There needs to be more accountability for the trash businesses generate; right now it’s probably a net benefit as some perverse form of advertising.

  4. Matt · October 21, 2008

    The regular is big enough.

    Service is efficient. Poutine is awesome

  5. NJT · October 21, 2008


  6. Poutine lovers · October 21, 2008

    Ordered Large 1 Veggie deluxe and 1 bacon. Large is a very gracious serving, the regular will do. Fries were greasy and soft. The veggie had great taste of toppings but very little cheese, and the bacon had very little gravy.
    Will give it one more try with another item on the menu.

    Service was excellent and fast.

  7. C · October 21, 2008

    Had late-night poutine for the first time on Friday. After a few beers, it was the best thing in the world! And I think it would be pretty great sober too!
    The servers were nice and smiling and let me have my poutine without gravy. Sweethearts!
    In terms of food: their pulled pork was pretty awesome. Regular is big enough with all the extra stuff you get on top. My fries were neither soggy nor undercooked. yum.

  8. smokefan · October 21, 2008

    smokes poutinerie is the best probobly the best diner type restaurant in this city. i can’t think of any other place on the top of my head where you can get such good quick service and such large portions for such a reasonable price. i have tryed many types of there poutine now and will try them all before i start making my own creations

  9. Colin · October 21, 2008

    Awesome! Clearly not good for you but if you’re in the mood to pig out this is hands down the place to go. The amount they give you is crazy! They don’t cheap out in any area! I’ve had it twice now and will definitely have it again.

    I’d eat it every day except I care about my health lol.

  10. Johann Sebastian Bach · October 21, 2008

    WHOA! did someone say poutins?

    I just LOVE bacon! did you know that you can get all sorts of different toppins on your poutins?????


    *eggs* (hard-boiled, salad style, fried)

    *pork knuckles*


    *peanut sauces*


    *kool-aid sprinkles*




    customer service is a must.

  11. calvin · October 21, 2008

    i had the steak stroganough.i love poutine but it was the worst i have ever eaten.it looked good but absolutly no taste.my girlfriend had the cheeseburger and again she was liking it one bit.$23.00 for two never again for this awful meal.

  12. Weekender · October 21, 2008

    Would be better if the fries were fresher and cooked more thoroughly.

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