1. Shawn · September 24, 2013

    Was not too impressed as a bakery, didn’t have much selection and the employes couldn’t tell me anything about the bread. The bread was fresh but boxy much like the super market. I will be sticking with George Town.

  2. Rubberduck · September 24, 2013

    I like the idea, but not everything is working.

    For one thing, the last time I went in (before work in the A.M) there wasn’t any music playing and it just felt empty and big. Some good tunes would go a long way.

    Food is all really good, though the prices are TRES steep.

    Also, not enough signage. The lunch menu, sandwiches, etc need to be featured more prominently, along with their prices.

  3. Mark · September 24, 2013

    it’s a great idea. It needs time to grow as an establishment, but given it’s quick transform from Auntie Crae’s (Crae’s was just open there before christmas) it’s doing really well in my eyes.

    Alot of the menu items taste excellent – haven’t had a bad tasting soup, stew or sandwich so far and servers are attentive and ready when needed. Hopefully some bar-style seating gets built in the seating area (if i eat alone, i don’t usually enjoy taking up a table of four, but again, time is needed to grow).

    Also, I think it helps to break down a fine barrier around downtown restos/eateries of Fresh = Fine. It’s a no-brainer, people wanting to eat with a local-focus and not to waste much, be eco-ethical. it’s not cheap, but that’s exactly what the food is (not cheap) and having a locally produced, hand-made meal shouldn’t involve mahogan tables and candles (and often higher prices than here). Also, I hope a place like this knocks some people off their high-horses of foodie-culture. Downtown gets a plethora of fine-dining restaurants and suddenly everyone’s an expert food critic. Canteen-style is nice for a change and I tend to talk to more people in that atmosphere than in a sit-down and stuck restaurant.

    Drop the fine-dine pretension, eat healthy and support local food. That’s awesome!

  4. Niki · September 24, 2013

    They have fantastic coffee.

  5. veggielover · September 24, 2013

    Where shall I start? The profiteroles that are baked into a light pastry bliss, the salty, dense flatbread, the perfect brioche, the almond croissant that makes you want at least one more, the flourless chocolate cake or the rich coffee that seems to compliment everything.

    I’ve mainly stuck to the baked goods and have to say that it is fantastic. In fact I’ve gone twice on some days. The only area I can see for improvement is the baguettes but I believe that will come with time.

    Congrats to the owners on your success, you’ve done an awesome job.

  6. EspressoGotShot · September 24, 2013

    Honestly, best espresso based beverages I’ve ever had. Barista know there product and are careful with every drink.
    Almond milk as a regular milk choice is excellent for all lactose intolerant or vegan, soy conscious folk.
    You’ve officially made most other coffee shops in this city look amateur with the consistency of quality.

    Haven’t much in the way of food from here yet, loved the breads I’ve had and the 1 or 2 salads I’ve tried.
    More egg and dairy free baked goods are all I ask for, that would make the experience for me.

    Only complaint I’ve heard so far: The vegetarian sandwiches are lacking. They fall apart and are pretty minimalist in vegetable assortment. Considering the price, this is a total let down.

  7. Dijonaise · September 24, 2013

    Rocket Bakery really fills a in something the downtown needed.
    it is bright fresh and always full of happy people. I havent seen a grumpy face come from there yet.
    i think they have a live music a couple times a week, beautiful art on the walls and staff that match the freshness that they create
    if you havent tried their sandwiches yet your missing out! I had their foccocia (sp?) bread the other day, it was the biggest sandwich i ever had, and not to forget im a veggieterian and the options they had for me was great!
    three words: herbed goat cheese, poke me with a fork im done. you won me over!
    on my way to work I know have to stop in for a coffee and try to resist their yummy buttery croissants.
    i dont know why there isnt more reviews for this place! this is a hot spot.
    one criticism talking about hot spots would be they dont have wireless, but their chocolate gonash tart distracted me and my friends long enough to even think about that!
    like those lays chips i bet you can eat their once!

  8. Kathy · September 24, 2013

    Great spot, lovely casual atmosphere however the whole wheat bread is really lacking. I will go back for dessert and coffee, but no more sandwiches.

  9. Maureen · September 24, 2013

    They have the best chocolate croissants ever!

  10. Cookie Monster · September 24, 2013

    The energy in there is beautiful, it’s such a wonderful place. The food? SO GOOD. Everything I had from there was delicious and WELL worth the few extra dollars. That being said, it’s not like the food was horribly overpriced. I’m used to paying $10 for a sub-par lunch, so $12 for an excellent one was fine in my books! Their soups are delicious, their breads out of this world, their sandwiches were things I would never regularly order, but they looked so delicious that I tried them and was not disappointed! The chocolate carmel tart, I would trade my first born for and he probably wouldn’t be impressed by my saying that!

    I would rather eat their multi-grain bread than cookies, it’s so car-o-licious… mmmmmmmm…Rocket Bakery….

  11. ImpatientPastry · September 24, 2013

    Every time I go into Rocket it seems like it takes ages to be served. I don’t expect fast food but an “I’ll be right with you” would go a long way. As it is I’m being passed back and forth by employees without even a glance about 75% of the times I go there.

    It’s a shame because their pastries are out of this world!

    Their bread is a little on the dry and dense side which is not my thing but everyone I give it to seems to be a fan.

  12. ImpatientPastry · September 24, 2013

    That’s for the bread counter specifically, the others seem to have people on them but I haven’t tried them yet.

  13. Alice · September 24, 2013

    I’ve had food there a couple times. The first time I went when they first opened I ordered a Latte and it was tepid! I was a little disappointed, but the barista seemed inexperienced, so I think it was just because it had just opened and they were getting used to the equipment.

    The meals I’ve had there have been delicious. I had a wrap one day that was supposed to come with sour cream, but they’d run out. However, it was still yummy. I LOVE their broccoli salad, which I have had on a couple of occasions. Their bread is yummy, especially the ones with herbs/spices. I have also tried the pecan tart, which was divine.

  14. RocketRegular · September 24, 2013

    I’m a huge fan of Rocket Bakery! I try to go fairly regularly. They have the best quiche I’ve ever tried, their assemble-yourself-salads are fantastic! I’m also a big fan of their baked French Toast. In fact, all the lunch menu items I have tried are divine! I’m also a big fan of their flourless chocolate cake and red velvet cakes. I really appreciate the diverse menu and unique items available at a reasonable price. Even when I don’t have time to stop for a meal and I’m in the area, I make time to grab a latte! I certainly give Rocket a 5/5 for their quality and the void they have filled in the St. John’s restaurant scene!

  15. Get real · September 24, 2013

    The preceeding advertisments have been brought to you by….

    Seriously, the fare is decent but as others mentioned, way overpriced. You can get the same quality at the same prices in a more upscale establishment, with better atmosphere and table service at no additional charge. If you love paying white cloth prices for comperable food in a diner with cafeteria trays, paper napkins and standing in line to get served, knock yourselves out.

  16. Happyveg · September 24, 2013

    I usually eat at Rocket a couple of times a week. I like the atmosphere. The staff are fast and friendly. They have a great selection of salad, soup and sandwiches for veggies. I’m hooked on the latte. (I like it a little hotter though)

    My only problem there is getting from the food counter to the check out. You have to cross the store instead of just pushing your tray along. My coffee and food get cool while I line up again to pay for the food.

  17. Anonymous · September 24, 2013

    They have amazing chicken burritos! I'm excited to here again and try something else :)

  18. L · September 24, 2013

    The food at rocket is wonderful. The atmosphere is laid-back and great. The people who work there are super nice. The layout with regards to getting your order and paying for it is a little off, though.

    For example, there are numbers you have to take to get your order, but they’re right in front of the place you stand to give your order. So other people are reaching around you while you’re telling the staff what food you want. They tell you one number per person is best. So, if you are paying for yourself and someone else, they or you have to wait around, holding food that’s getting cold, while the second order is being placed. This is before you can go to pay, which involves standing in a second line-up, which is fed from the deli, bakery, and coffee sections. This whole process isn’t bad if the store isn’t busy. But, if it is, it’s a bit of a headache. And, all of this can make the price you’re paying for the food seem a bit steep.

    That being said, I will go again. The food, service, and atmosphere make up for the snafu of making/paying for orders. And the quality of the food does make the price worth it. I DO wish they would change the layout/ordering process. But, I am willing to work with what they have.