1. Honestly... · July 14, 2011

    Absolutely love this restaurant. The food is fantastic, some of the best steak I have ever had (and trust me, I eat it a lot!); certainly beats the claim of many other restaurants that say they have great steak. Decor is fresh and modern, servers are friendly and efficient. Will definately be a regular here!!! Cheers to you!

  2. Steak man · July 14, 2011

    Probably the best service in St. John’s. And the food is incredible, especially the steak. Most “steak places” around town are mediocre at best, but this one really lives up to the hype.

  3. Anonymous · July 14, 2011

    I’ve never had a steak here but they’re burgers are possibly the best in the city. It has a pretty cool atmosphere, and the service was a bit slow when I was there but it was not a big deal.

  4. e.h.j. · July 14, 2011

    A slow, lingering letdown of an experience. The atmosphere is nice and the food looks good, but the service got progressively worse (we waited for an hour with no explanation), and by the time my mom found a sticker in her mixed vegetables, all the waitress said was “You’re not having much luck tonight, are you?” She tried to give us free dessert but we really just wanted out of there at that point and probably aren’t going back- the food was okay but the service and costs don’t make it worth it, and the quality of the dishes is really uneven.

  5. August · July 14, 2011

    The food is ok – not fantastic, but not terrible either – but I had an awful service experience here. My husband and I went there with another couple, were seated promptly and placed our drink orders. The waitress brought our drinks and later came back for our food orders. As she collected the menus, the waitress knocked one of them against my friend’s glass, spilling the entire drink in her lap and over the seat. The waitress ran and got bar towels and helped to mop up, and my friend responded graciously – it was an accident, after all – and although the waitress failed to apologize she certainly responded quickly and helpfully. As soon as the meess was cleaned up, she reappeared at our table with a fresh drink for my friend.

    All was fine, then, until she brought us our bill at the end of the meal. We were surprised to see that she had charged my friend for the replacement drink – and even more surprised that she had billed her for the original, spilled drink as well! Thinking it must just be a mistake, my friend politely pointed it out to the waitress. She responded, “yeah, that’s right.” My friend said, “but you spilled the first drink all over me!” To which the waitress replied, “well, I don’t know if it was me or you who spilled that drink.” Now, quite aside from the fact that I, and everyone else at the table, saw the watress knock over the drink, I doubt anyway that most restaurants would charge a patron for a spilled drink, even if the accident was caused by the diner. I was shocked at the attitude of the wait person and at the rude way she treated my friend, especially after she had been so nice about having a drink dumped in her lap. I certainly have not been back since, and will never go there again.

  6. Matt · July 14, 2011

    first time their the food was cold , sent back , came out with new dish cold again , sent back asked for bill $28.00 ,wife had chicken breast and pop , i looked at server said this is rip off same this better food from big r is under $12.00 , never go back good this they got v l t`s to pay bills the food don`t

  7. Nicole · July 14, 2011

    My friend & I went to have what we thought was going to be an exceptional meal like we had in the past. Well, that wasn’t long changing! My appetizer was far from being good & the main course was very distasteful! I informed our server & she advised me that she would let the manager know & have her come out to speak with me. The manager refused to come out & had offered a free desert & if I wanted to take my meal home with me but was not going to discount or recook for my meal! Upon going to the service counter to pay, I asked the server to ask the manager if I could speak with her, the manager had agreed to come & speak with me. When she came out I informed her that I wasn`t looking to not have to pay for my meal but at least even a discount would of been appropriate! The manager instead argued & disagreed that there was nothing wrong with the food & that there was nothing she could do about it & that just because the food didn`t taste good there was nothing she could do about it! She then went on to say that my friend hadn`t had any problem with her appetizer & that she had said the meal was ok, so that meaning that my meal was suppose to be fine as well. As I informed her my meal was totally different than what my friend had ordered & just because her meal was ok that meant that mine was suppose to be good too & it wasn`t! She continued to argue with me & never offered any solution to this very unsatisfactory experience! I told her that this was very poor customer service! I have never ever experienced such unprofessional service in my life & very disgusted with this place!

    Nicole, Very Disgusted Customer

  8. Lenora · July 14, 2011

    Visited the Red Rock this past weekend. Had a fabulous meal and prompt courteous service. Had a feature of prosciutto wrapped chicken. Was fantastic. There were 8 in our party and we all had the same feeling when we left. If I could give more stars I would. I have been frequenting this restaurant quite often since we first visited a few years ago and it far exceeds most restaurants in the area. Good job to you all!

  9. Monkeynuts · July 14, 2011

    Went here for a late lunch – the husband was looking for the best club sandwich in town and found it here. I had the smoked meat on rye sandwich with sweet potato fries and I swear – I would go back just for those. Perfectly cooked, yummy and crispy! Prices are fine for a nice restaurant and the service was great. My only suggestion is to get larger slices of rye – my sandwich kept falling apart and I had to reassemble it several times. Oh! And the giant pickle wedges were great! I’m impressed and I’ll go back :)