Music Friday

For the Mount Pearl Bluegrass and Old Time Country Music Festival schedule (Friday to Sunday), click here. Acoustic Insiders & A2Z, Peddlers Pub After Hours w/ DJ Lex & DJ OTG, Junctions Andrew Ledrew & Barry Ledrew, 9pm, Sundance Chriss Hennessey 5:15pm. Fergus O’Byrne & Dermot O’Reilly 8:15pm, Dungarvan 11:30pm, O’Reilly’s Evening Matinee w/ Scott […]

18 August 2006

  1. Melissa · August 18, 2006

    This has been the best Pizza I have had in a while. It depends on what you are looking for though. If you are looking for a greasy piece of pizza – this is not the place. I have yet to order pizza or garlic fingers and have any grease soak through the paper is on or the box! They use a pizza stone and need no extra oil b/c of the way they bake it. They also offer 60% whole wheat crust too :)

  2. Jas · August 18, 2006

    I don’t know what they put in the pizza, but I love the unique spicy taste it has. Great delivery service, other menu items also good.