Gypsy trad… screw dat!

Gypsy trad… screw dat!

Duane Andrews, as your financial advisor, I suggest you ditch this whole gypsy newfoundland trad kick you’re on and get heavy into some Django-style 80s pop manouche. The formula seems to be working for Quebecois jazz trio The Lost Fingers, who have been nominated for two Junos, including Album of the Year, for their album […]

4 February 2009

  1. Melissa · February 4, 2009

    This has been the best Pizza I have had in a while. It depends on what you are looking for though. If you are looking for a greasy piece of pizza – this is not the place. I have yet to order pizza or garlic fingers and have any grease soak through the paper is on or the box! They use a pizza stone and need no extra oil b/c of the way they bake it. They also offer 60% whole wheat crust too :)

  2. Jas · February 4, 2009

    I don’t know what they put in the pizza, but I love the unique spicy taste it has. Great delivery service, other menu items also good.