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18 June 2009

  1. Jackie · June 18, 2009

    I absolutly love the pizza, their sauce is amazing!!!!!!

  2. John · June 18, 2009


  3. hmmm · June 18, 2009

    John (7:00), Jackie (7:01), and James (7:03)… I kind of think you are the same person! hahaha

  4. kayla · June 18, 2009

    I absolutely love their pizza. Amazing taste, best price in town and pretty quick delivery. The only St. John’s pizza place I have on speed dial :P

  5. Billy · June 18, 2009

    I love pizza empire. the pizza is top of the line and always fresh!!!!Good prices

  6. bryan · June 18, 2009

    Best value pizza in town.

  7. Geoff E · June 18, 2009

    yes the pizza is good, yes the prices are cheap… but how much business must empire lose as they do not have interac. The most used type of payment in and around our area must be debit card… so why not get one pizza empire… how many times has myself and others have to get pizza elsewhere because empire doesn’t have debit… hobos pizza has debit at the door for crying out loud and empire doesnt even have one at their home… but overall the pizza is quite delicious for the price.

  8. Johnny · June 18, 2009

    The pizza must be the best I have had in over 15 years!!! Try it, you might like it! Not bad garlic fingers either! Service is friendly and fast. Fabulous! Deservedly 5 stars!

  9. hungryhungryhippo · June 18, 2009

    I am beginning to think the staff or owners of Pizza Empire have discovered this page. Their pizza is okay but it is not comparable to Pi or Folly and does not deserve the exclamation points it has been getting.

  10. Frank Lind · June 18, 2009

    …uh, yeah. We ordered from Pizza Empire based on the high overall rating on this site – should’ve taken a closer look at the postings. The pizza was very cheap, delivered quickly, and not very good. Suspicious repeated glowing reviews make me question their clientele or more likely, employees.

  11. Johnathan · June 18, 2009

    I’ve been ordering their pizza for about 3 years now and I find it is great…. for the price . Especially since I am a student and am on a budget.

  12. Jason · June 18, 2009

    He guys, the small pizza is 9.00$ is cheap or not?

  13. Buddy Dudeman · June 18, 2009

    I have it somewhat regularly because it’s close and the prices are great. It’s not the best pizza in St. John’s. That’s just pure exaggeration. But it’s pretty decent for the price. They don’t keep slices ready to go, though. If they happen to have slices there when you walk in without ordering, you’re lucky. They make slices only when there’s an order for one. So, you usually have to wait 15 mins for it to be done. Not bad if you call in the order. But if you just wanna drop by for a slice, you’ll most likely be out of luck.

  14. Dawn · June 18, 2009

    Love this place most of the time. It was -super- good when it first opened, then for a while it got pretty shitty, and now it’s better than it was when it first opened. The last few times I’ve ordered it, the crust has been really thick, toppings were definitely not stingy and it’s still one of the cheapest places in town. It’s my favourite non-franchise pizza place in St. John’s for sure.

  15. Greg · June 18, 2009

    Why is peoples on every good comment bout the Restaurant pepoples dislike well seeing facebook dont have a dislike button doent make peoples be so mean about this place its sick and if i c a dislike on my comments it will grind my gears LOL

  16. Anonymous · June 18, 2009

    I know it’s over a year old, but I just have to say that hungryhungryhippo’s comment is incredibly stupid and reeks of pretentiousness. No, Pizza Empire is not Pi or Folly. Nor are they trying to be. You don’t go for a feed at Ches’s and then stick up your nose and proclaim “Well, it’s ok, but it’s not comparable to the Cellar or Portobello’s”, which is essentially what this person is doing here. The reason many of us love Pizza Empire is because us poor folks in the university area are happy to have a neighborhood pizzeria that offers very low prices but, unlike Hobo’s, actually makes an effort to make decent pizza and provide good customer service. So don’t go here expecting to get a pizza topped with things like tandoori chicken, pinenuts and cashews, proscuitto crudo, and roast butternut squash. It’s just a cheap, reliable, and tasty take-out pizza place. And in my opinion it’s the best one in town.

  17. frenchie006 · June 18, 2009

    Even after being told by the employee that they take debit at the door, there was no debit at the door. The pizza is more expensive than their ads and overall not a very good scoff.

  18. Anonymous · June 18, 2009

    Something doesn’t seem right about frenchie006’s comment. Either you’re making a mistake, or you were talking to a very, very new employee. Last time I checked they don’t even take debit at the store, let alone at the door. There’s no way they would send out a pizza if they had any reason to believe you couldn’t pay for it. Also, the pizza will be more expensive than advertised if you order delivery, as they will add a delivery fee. I can’t think of any place that doesn’t do this. When I get pizza from them I drive there and pick it up myself and the price is always spot on.

  19. spard · June 18, 2009

    This is the only place my parents order from. We called pizza experts once for a change and the price difference for the same amount of food was 15 bucks. And thier pizzas are QUITE similar. So pizza empire is the best. It’s just got good prices. My only problem is they often run out of tomatoes and the onions are far too small and usually unnoticeable.

  20. rory · June 18, 2009

    not a employee, but still love it

  21. Steve · June 18, 2009

    I’ve ordered pizza here more than a dozen times, and I don’t even live in town, whenever I come out to hang with my buddies this is where I always suggest. The jumbo pizza + pop deal is unbeatable. Not the BEST pizza ever made, but certainly never less than a good pizza. Most places you can’t even get a large with 3 toppings for the same price. Only downside is no debit, but I just remember to bring cash and I’m good.

  22. AJay · June 18, 2009

    Given I’m a student, I LOVE the fact that a jumbo with 5 toppings and a 2lt to my door is less then 20$!! Yeah, they’re not the very best, but for such fast and great service, they’ve earned a place on my speed dial, haha! :)

  23. Matt · June 18, 2009

    i had this pizza not very good at all the staff are not very nice at all and the pizza sauce was runny , i got the pizza because it is rated here as 2 , never again , also when i went in the store to pick up was very dirty ,person that served me came from back and smeld like smoke , will not be back , old saying buyer be were .lookk out here , had to rate but its a zero for me

  24. J · June 18, 2009

    It is what it is. Good pizza for a low price. Friendly staff, good hours, good pizza, great prices.

  25. GLuv · June 18, 2009

    garbage and under cooked, prices were dirt cheap…one bite of it I knew why!

  26. shadowwood · June 18, 2009

    I’ve heard only good things about this place but my one experience fell very flat. Ordered an extra large and the mozzarella, toppings and even the tomato sauce (!!) was only spread in a circle in the middle of the pizza, leaving each slice with the larger half closer to the crust being completely devoid of anything but baked pizza dough. Also, and this isn’t specific to this place as I didn’t attempt it, but be wary of ordering any pizzas in this city if you’re ‘from away’, unless you like soggy canned mushrooms just omit ordering as most of the places here use canned gross mushrooms.

  27. drewwilliams · June 18, 2009

    this pizza is the bomb .com i love it me and my girlfriend steph enjoy this pizza after we get freaky but i enjooy it i order at least 3 pizzas on cheak day for me and my family thanks for making great burgers pizza garlic fingers pasta donairs and french frys and turkey dinner see you next year

  28. Mike · June 18, 2009

    The pizza is very cheep, both price and quality. If you need something to soak up a bit of booze late at night you cant beat it. If you want to enjoy some pizza move on.