Satchmo’ Skid-dat-de-dat

As the curtain opens on The Satchmo’ Suite, Hubert is panicking. He was asked to perform the first Bach Suite for solo cello, but he just can’t seem to get past a particular point in the piece.     In his desperate hour he conjures up the image of Louis Armstrong in his hotel room mirror. […]

6 July 2006

  1. snarkside pizza · July 6, 2006

    last time I had pizza here I thought I had discovered some little known secret. Basically, it was great pizza. Tonight, however, was a different experience. We ordered some large pizza/garlic fingers special and were met with a rather steep bill of $35 with delivery. Fuck it. Great pizza. We forgot the donair sauce so my gf called back right away and ordered some, plus extra. Pizza arrived, no donair sauce. Fine. We called back to ask but I was met with confrontation. “You talk to this” I believe was said. When “you” answered we were again toldthat we never ordered donair sauce….. we did. I asked if they could drop off some, they said we could get some free next time. We already payed for it! No more recommendations for them from me.

  2. Rip off · July 6, 2006

    Im after ordering there a few times. I’ve ordered one of their specials. Xl pizza/XL garlic fingers with 4 cans of pop I think it’s 24.99. Add on some nachos. Gets delivered almost $40… Always no drinks. Calls up and tells em. They says I didn’t ask for drinks. No b’y I asked for the combo on your flyer.

  3. Grant · July 6, 2006

    It’s mad crazy. You think you would get donair sause free with your garlic fingers. Fuckin 1.50 for it.

  4. Cole · July 6, 2006

    Tuesday and Monday Special is a Jumbo with 6 toppings for like 14 50 taxes in. You can get a jumbo with medium garlic fingers for 26.

    The garlic fingers are the best.

    The pizza is great just dont get chicken !! and Ask for extra sauce !!