1. Jane · April 26, 2013

    My very favourite date night. I Love Italian food for a romantic night out and my boyfriend Loves seafood. I think Papa’s is as consistently good now as it was in the early 80’s. YUMMMMMMMM!

  2. Lizzie · April 26, 2013

    We love it! It’s right up there as a favourite – love the comfort food and I’ve been loving it since the early 80’s!

  3. Lark · April 26, 2013

    Terrible food. Had the Greek salad for an appetizer and it was simply a tossed salad (with iceberg lettuce, carrots, and radishes) with feta and ITALIAN dressing thrown on top. Awful. Had a steak for my main course — completely overcooked and void of any flavor. I reluctantly chose to have dessert after my first two courses and I’m glad I did because the carrot cake was by far the best part of the meal. This was all topped off with mediocre service and overpriced drinks. Will not go back.

  4. Pascal · April 26, 2013

    Decor is realy the thing to enjoy! especially in christmas time. However, food is correct.

  5. bill sheppard · April 26, 2013

    I had a greek salad which was mediocore. The meal itself was garbage. The carrots wwere just chunked and even that wasn’t done very well. No glaze on them and i don’t even think they had any salt or pepper on it. The baked potate was the worst I ever had No tinfoil just a regular potato cut in half. For business sake go to a supermarket or Hallidays and get some decent actual baking potato. The scallops, although big were bland with no taste. I think they were boiled. Service overall, mediocore. Maybe your pasta is good or so I’ve heard. You need work in some other areas. My friends steak I believe was still pulsating.
    I won’t be back

  6. Derek · April 26, 2013

    Went there late Feb; service was bad, very slow and inconsistent. Food was bad. I had souvlaki, was tough and bland. Someone had prime rib; it looked like a cheap steak and was tough and tasteless. He asked for medium rare and it was medium well. Ribs were OK. All the sides were bland and tasteless.

    We ordered drinks when we sat; we had to ask another waitress to take a second drink order since our original waiter disappeared, and after we received our meals nobody ever came back to the table; no checking to see if everything was ok, no coffee, dessert, nothing. Eventually we literally waved someone down to ask for our bill.

    We used to visit this place regularly, but I don’t think I’ll go back again.

  7. Sarah · April 26, 2013

    Went there for Christmas dinner with my colleagues.

    Pros – Our server was absolutely fantastic! Very friendly, speedy and efficient. Came back often to refill drinks, check on our meal, etc. The prices were more than fair – $150 and change for 5 people who had large meals, drinks, and dessert and coffee each.
    Cons – My colleague had talked about the festive decor around Christmas time, but I was unpleasantly surprised. I expected old time, nostalgic Christmas decorations, but what I got was wallpaper-wrapped walls and thousands of lights hanging from the blue foil-wrapped ceiling. The decor was a definite let down. One of my colleagues is a vegetarian, and had called ahead to inquire about vegetarian options. She was told a vegetarian lasagna was available, but when we arrived, there was no vegetarian option at all, aside from a special order stirfry (not on the menu).

    Having said all that, the only real disappointment was the decor. The food was pretty good, reasonably priced, and the service was great (at least from our server).

  8. Brittany · April 26, 2013

    I went a few months ago and I was less than impressed. I hear a lot about the decor but I didn’t think it was very great at all (I wasn’t there at Christmas). All that was different about it was a few Christmas lights on the ceiling. It looked very dated in a bad way.
    The food was less then good, I could have bought a pre-made chicken dinner at dominion and it would have been better. I skipped on desert because I was turned from the food.
    Very unimpressed!

  9. ann · April 26, 2013

    my 1/2 sized was lasagna was fabulous. I question italian dressing served as dressing for greek salad!! even though it was fresh and I enjoyed it. our server was okk…..not the most pleasant looking but quite mannerly. I have a recipe for singapore slings as the one served was unenjoyable. not a big drinker, i rely on sweet drinks (my favourite singapore slings). I left half of it …. no substance….looked like purity factory syrup and didn’t taste much better.
    1 oz. gin
    1/2 oz cherry brandy
    1 1/2 oz orange juice
    3-4 oz bar mix
    shake well with ice and serve in a nice garnished glass…the glass does make a difference to a non-drinker!

  10. jen · April 26, 2013

    Don’t get sucked in by Papa’s rep for their christmas decorations. The bad food over shadows any christmas spirit they might evoke. Over priced, no flavor, poorly presented food. I gave them 1 star cus the waitress’s were polite.

  11. Skeptic Impressed · April 26, 2013

    I was a bit skeptic about Papa’s.

    As a kid growing up in the area, I once went in to use the bathroom and thought the Christmas decor was a bit odd. Everything was wrapped in shiny paper and tons of lights hanging from the ceiling. I thought it that was odd, the food must have been too, so I never went there as a teen or 20-something.

    Now, as a 30-something I think the Christmas decor is an eclectic mix of funky and nostalgic. It is cool and I would eat there if I was convinced by the food.

    This week a friend had some take-out from Papa’s and gave me some. It was excellent! I couldn’t help but to go ask for seconds. I was very impressed. We saved a little to eat the next day and it saved excellently in the fridge, unlike some restaurant food.

    The steak was nice, juicy, generous, and cooked to perfection. The seasonings on the fresh rice, veggies, and meat was complimentary as they brought out the naturally good taste of the food instead of masking it.

    Very comparable to a 5-star restaurant downtown without all the hassle of parking and jacked up prices.

    I would definitely make a visit in person!

  12. DM · April 26, 2013

    I will not be going back. We had reservations for 7 PM. We arrived on time and then were made to wait until quarter after until a table was ready for us (what was the point of making a reservation if they weren’t going to have a table ready for us?). After finally getting seated at 7:15, we had to wait at least half an hour for the waitress to come by to offer us drinks and take our order. The waitress (I think she was the manager, she was older and dressed differently from the rest of the waitresses) was brusque and didn’t seem that interested in providing any quality of service. When finally our meal arrived MUCH later, she simply placed the food on our table – and then took off again in a hurry without a word! She didn’t even bother asking us if we needed anything and the next time we saw her was when she asked us if we wanted our bill – we were *completely* ignored for the rest of the meal.

    The meal itself was sub-par. The steak seemed like it was flopped onto a pan, fried and then put on a plate with no glaze, flavouring, or anything else. Plain and boring. Bill, who commented above here, was bang on about the baked potato – it was a regular old potato with no garnish, simply cut in half. They asked us if we wanted butter or sour cream; we said butter – so they brought us out two small butter packets(!!!). You’d see that at a roadside diner, not a restaurant that should pride itself on presentation and service.

    Unfortunately, presentation and service were lacking. We were not impressed and will not be back. This was quite literally the *first* time in my life I have never left a tip due to poor service. I’ve tipped for poor service before, but this wasn’t poor service – this was NO service. Simply awful.

    Again, we will never be back and advise others against going due to the poor quality of service and the mediocre food.

  13. Gerard Furlong · April 26, 2013

    Service was slow – the wait for the food was intolerably long.

    The waitress said we offer cod-Au-gratin as an appetizer or as a main course. My brother ordered the appetizer and I ordered the main course. We both got the same dish – just mine came with a side salad. Don’t bother to tell people it is a main course… say it is the same thing with a side salad.

    Simply a horrible dinner out for the family

  14. Jennifer Edwards · April 26, 2013

    Horrible, horrible food! How does this place stay open? We reluctantly went (same bad food a year ago) because we were given a gift certificate and told it had a new menu and was renovated. Well the new menu is the same as the old one just with some dishes taken off. The renovations was a new floor that looked like it belonged in a back porch. Please don.t waste a nickel of your hard earned money going here. I know there is the draw of “Christmas decorations” but believe me the bad food will kill any holiday merriment! My rating of one star is because you have to make a rating, if I could I would give it 0 stars.

  15. Joanne · April 26, 2013

    Overpriced, boring food with mediocre service. I was looking forward to my Greek side salad, however, it was presented with Italian dressing which confounded me. This was the last time that I will ever spend my hard-earned money at Papa’s Place/Pier 17.

  16. Brian · April 26, 2013

    Have never and will never enter this establishment. My friend just got fired from there. Her daughter was rushed to the Janeway and she couldn’t work..on her day off! She was fired by the excuse of a manger. I don’t want to even give 1 star but apparently have to.

  17. dc · April 26, 2013

    food was ok..i was an invited guest there at this restaurant during Christmas.we were seated very close to the bar and phone area.what a scene.the manager(staff called her dalis)served us,a party of 5.this manager/server was very hurried with us.not welcoming at all.we said nothing because our father/grandfather was with us.it was his special night.she rushed us through like cattle.before we left,two women went to the bar to pay their bill.one of the women let this manager know in disgust about the service they had received from her.we wanted to have the exact conversation with her,however just left it alone.when we were leaving,the phone was ringing,the manager(dalis)answered it.seemed like someone wanting to make a reservation.she said to the person on the phone,this is supper hour here,call at another time,and yes I am the one who takes Christmas reservations.click.then swung around to us paying our bill..and said how was everything?not sure if this woman is the owner as well,if not a strong message.get her out the door for business sake.

    thank you