Mr. Jim’s Pizza Restaurant & Lounge

21 Commonwealth Ave, St. John’s


Local signs the world economy is going to shit, Part I

Local signs the world economy is going to shit, Part I

1. Major car dealership Tom Woodford Ltd., closes its doors after three decades in operation. 2. Rumours that local call centres might be closing up shop and moving away. 3. The kiosks in the malls that sell lottery tickets have ceased operating.

26 January 2009

  1. C.J. Byrne · January 26, 2009

    The BEST Pizza in Newfoundland!! Love it!

  2. Robert Tucker · January 26, 2009

    Probably the best pizza in St. John’s/Mount Pearl with a couple of caveats:

    – Stay away from the mushrooms. You will get canned pieces and stems!

    – It’s wayyyy better when Andy (I think that’s his name) makes it.

  3. Katherine · January 26, 2009

    Delicious basic style pizza. Nothing fancy but done very well. Crispy but doughy crust and a lovely slightly spicy sauce. Toppings are standard but the prices are very reasonable.

  4. Esron · January 26, 2009

    I ate there a few times when I was craving pizza, but almost broke… I would rather pan-handle to pay for something decent like Old Town or Acropolis, or even Dominos. The pizza was frequently “dark”… Not burnt, but not light either, was crunchy, and tasted like cardboard… Never again.

  5. bones · January 26, 2009

    hilarious you think acropolis is decent pizza, mr jims has the best crust, but they need to improve their toppings big time. topsoil road pizzaria is awesome by the way.

  6. truckker · January 26, 2009

    jims is the best bang for your buck good quality and great people been a customer for 30 years

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