Confederation Blues

Does anybody else think that $40,000,000+ is a bit much for renovations on the Confederation Building? Let’s change/tint all the windows PC blue, and when another party eventually gets in, they’ll spend another $40,000,000+ to change the windows/tinting to their colour. The only benefit to this for tax payers is that the money isn’t being […]

28 November 2012

  1. Mark S · November 28, 2012

    A greasy spoon… nothing more, nothing less.

    Protip: Avoid purchasing a drink here, the prices are heavily inflated.

  2. Diane · November 28, 2012

    Have never eaten here and I’m glad I haven’t. I sat in the Avalon Mall food court today, right across from Mom’s Place. For nearly 5 minutes the young blonde girl that was working there, stood behind the counter digging for gold right up her nose. No joke. I could hardly believe it. And then she served two people…no handwashing, no gloves. You’ll never catch me eating there…ever!

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