Mohamad Ali’s

Mohamad Ali’s

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364 Duckworth Street
(Inside The Sprout: Fri & Sat 11pm-4am, Sun & Mon 5pm-11pm)
Farmers’ Market Saturdays May to November

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2 Reader Reviews of Mohamad Ali’s

(1 positive, 1 negative)
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    Overall Rating55555
    misohungie Says:

    I wish this place was open daily but best to avoid the spinach pastry I was expecting a Spanakopita but got a bread based turnover with no seasoning and little bit of wilted spinach. boooo

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    Overall Rating22222
    Ian Says:

    Just went to Mohamad Ali’s for lunch, it was freezing cold in there, no debit or credit, they messed up my order and it took so long I had to get it to go and it was still wrong, flavourful but cold and dry. I was really looking forward to this and still have hope for it, I think the kitchen work is good but they need someone to run the place.

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