Manna European Bakery And Deli

342 Freshwater Road, St. John’s

“European Style Deli And Bakery”


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12 April 2007

  1. Brittany · April 12, 2007

    The food is great, but one girl (20ish?) that always works there is really grumpy! Cheer up!

    Also, the vegetarian is kind of a rip off because they don’t have a great selection of veggies.

  2. B.Shaw · April 12, 2007

    OMG, this place has some of the moodiest people working there. I don’t like going there now. :(

  3. Donna · April 12, 2007

    I have to make a lot of catering calls for work and this has to be the most difficult place to work with. I have no idea what is wrong with the staff but someone needs to look into it.

  4. Brittany · April 12, 2007

    wow I spot a trend here hehe

  5. Elizabeth · April 12, 2007

    HAHAHAHA. someone should let them know, maybe it would help sales!! maybe they need a non-confidence vote.

  6. Adam · April 12, 2007

    Manna has REALLY good products, but if you find the staff stressed out/grumpy or whatever, try working there. Owner is terriable, makes everyone that way.

  7. David G · April 12, 2007

    Manna has some great baked goods. Their raisin bread is the best that I have tried in the city. However, the service there is terrible. Also, sometimes the bread I buy there goes bad 1-2 days after buying it.

  8. Angie · April 12, 2007

    I used to frequent Manna on a regular basis but had not been there for over a year. I went there recently and had an awful chicken salad sandwich. It was full of knuckles and and the mayo was like water. I usually give places a second chance after a bad food but I am not sure I will go there again. Very disappointed. I also think the service is terrible.

  9. Shelley · April 12, 2007

    Yeah, if it weren’t that Manna is my neighbourhood bakery AND that we are addicted to Old World Grain bread I WOULD NEVER set foot in there again. I HATE HATE HATE having to go in there. The service is terrible and the few times I’ve seen the owner interact with the staff I cringe – he grunts and snaps at them and gives no one positive feedback so the staff don’t know what they are doing if it’s outside of ‘cut & bag’ bread. I guess I really should stop going there and not give them my business (aprox. $8 per week) but it really is the only place within a 2km radius of my house that has decent bread.

  10. Sherri · April 12, 2007

    Awesome rye bread. But yeah the people working there seem depressed.

  11. H · April 12, 2007

    Try Paradise Bakery Bread, you can get it at Sobeys on Merrymeeting road and also at the North Atlantic on the corner of Adams and Pennywell…best homemade bread in the city….

  12. Scott · April 12, 2007

    Awesome breaded chicken sandwiches on pretzel bread.

    Terrible rude service…

  13. Ann · April 12, 2007

    Best molasses raisin bread on the planet, especially when the crust is still soft. So far I have never had a bad experience with the staff. They have always been very accommodating.

    As a previous poster said, try Paradise Bakery white bread … excellent – makes the best toast on the planet.

  14. Krys · April 12, 2007

    Best. Sandwiches. Ever.

  15. Anonymous · April 12, 2007

    The only way I would go back here for lunch is if they slashed their prices in half. There was nothing particularly wrong with the food, but 13 bucks for a cafeteria-style soup and sandwich (no drink) is insanse. What you basically get for that price is 2 slices of bread (more $ for any type of “specialty bread”), slice of cheese, very limited selection of veggies, mayo or mustard. Small paper cup of “roasted red pepper” soup, which tasted suspiciously like Campbells condensed tomato soup. Had to track down my own plastic spoon. Table service? Forget about it.

    I’m not complaining about the service or quality of food. My problem is that you’re paying top dollar for what should be a cheap cafeteria lunch. If you’re in this area and looking for a relatively healthy lunch, the Extreme Pita a few doors up offers much better value for money.

  16. Savitri · April 12, 2007

    I find most of the staff working there now is very good. I go there a couple times a week for bread or a dessert and once and a while pick up a sandwich. I agree that they could use more veggies for their sandwiches and that their prices are expensive for what you get, but they’re nice sandwiches on fresh bread, so that’s a bonus. I looove their fresh rye bread.

  17. Sarah · April 12, 2007

    LOVE the sandwiches from Manna. My personal favourite is roast turkey on multigrain, or breaded chicken on pretzel. The prices are a tad high, but I don’t particularly mind because it’s locally owned, fresh, and delicious. Also, a relatively healthy lunch option.
    I’d recommend sneaking out a little earlier than noon since the lunch rush can mean a 15 minute wait in line. Though I’ve heard negative things about the owner, I’ve never seen him personally, and I am always served by really friendly people. Will certainly continue to be a Manna regular.

  18. Anonymous · April 12, 2007

    I know this is a review section and not a discussion forum, but I really have to respond to the above comment.

    I simply don’t understand this way of thinking. That it’s ok to be ripped off because the business is local. It’s one thing to be willing to pay a little bit extra, but paying fine dining prices for a cafeteria lunch? That goes too far. The guy who owns Manna is exploiting the people who think this way. It’s not like business is slow for him, he’s not struggling to compete with the evil big box stores (in fact, Sobeys carries Manna bread). Local or not, he’s just a businessman, and he’s ripping you all off.

    The people who work there are alright, but it’s still cafeteria-level service. The sandwiches are good, but it’s nothing that you couldn’t quickly whip together at home for a tiny, tiny, tiny fraction of the price, and without having to wait in a long line-up. You should be able to have lunch (soup, sandwich, drink) here for $5.

  19. Lizzie B · April 12, 2007

    this place has gone to pot! I remember when they started they were the best in town – that was too long ago now.
    Poor baked sweets, never consistent. Poor staff – don’t seem to have a clue about customer service. And the place looks like a dump – it needs a good cleaning and reorganization.
    Sorry Manna, your ship has sailed!

  20. dick walsh · April 12, 2007

    Food was great 5/5, the staff serving me were pretty rude. It was my first time there so I was asking about what my options were in terms of cheeses, breads, etc, things that I couldn’t find listed on the menu. Every honest question was scoffed, huffed and eye rolled. Sorry I’m not a pro at the deli…

  21. Mark · April 12, 2007

    I really love their sandwiches, particularly their roast turkey. They do skimp however on the veggies and they could go a little heavier with the meat servings for the price they charge. Every time I go they are usually out of one veggie at least.

    What I don’t like about the place however is the poor customer service! Everyone seems angry and depressed there. They act like they are doing you a favor by serving you there. Unfortunately there isn’t many other options in St John’s for a fresh deli sandwich. Just wish someone would bump up the customer service and stop bordering on being rude and insulting to your customers.

  22. booshnik · April 12, 2007

    The bread and other baked goods are great, but you shouldn’t have to wait over 15 minutes in line for a bloody sandwich. Come on.

  23. coco · April 12, 2007

    sorry but if this is st john’s famous sandwich place/deli then u guys are in trouble~

  24. Anon. · April 12, 2007

    Came here once, will never be back. $20 for 2 dried out, poorly prepared sandwiches, and a bottle of pop. Terrible food, extremely overpriced, slow service, terrible customer service. If I could leave 0 stars, I would have.

  25. Service · April 12, 2007

    I love this place to eat! their sandwiches are great, but i do have a few issues with this place
    1. The service is mostly awful!!! some of the staff seem upset your there, and are not overly eager to help
    2. You ask for a Roast Beef Sandwich (for example), but if you want cheese its extra (most places cheese is part of the sandwich), and then its extra for a few carrots and olives (or whatever else). If i am paying close to $10 for a sandwich throw the cheese in!!!

    I think this is a place who know they have a good product, and they know they will make money so don’t make any ways to appease the client

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