1. Lizzie · June 3, 2011

    This is our favourite Chinese restaurant anywhere! The food is always delicious! They also have really cool gifts for sale in the lobby.
    We love, love, love it!

  2. Blueballs · June 3, 2011

    Can’t believe there’s only one review. This place is first rate all the way. Eating in is a particular delight. Superior service. Lucky’s (and Mr. Jim’s) are the best (and possibly only) great things about Mt Pearl.

  3. steadybrooker · June 3, 2011

    My absolute favourite place to eat chinese! Their egg rolls are the best ever! If you are ordering for take out on a special occasion you might be disappointed – they only make a certain number of take out orders and will make you wait or turn you away. But it’s worth the wait every single time. YUM!!

  4. jennifer · June 3, 2011

    If memory serves, they also happen to have deadly chips.

  5. melissa · June 3, 2011

    Lucky’s has the best Chinese food hands down. The service is always excellent and you get good value for your money. The “Lucky Dinners” are enough to split two ways. Me and my boyfriend always split one of the Lucky Dinners and order an extra eggroll (trust me you’ll want your own as they are to die for). Just enough to hit the spot! Everyone should try this place! So yummy

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