1. Jeff Marshall · October 15, 2013

    The sausage is amazing. By far the best “Street Eats” in the City. Also, the Coke in the glass bottle is a nice touch. I spoke to the guy who owns it, and he will be soon serving breakfast.

  2. Tammy Torraville · October 15, 2013

    Best sausage in the city by far (quite possibly the province). Love the location since it’s close to work and hoping Steve will do well there. Great story behind the name too.

  3. Corey Hutchings · October 15, 2013

    Fantastic food, hope he has a good run. Looking forward to their breakfast.

  4. Gambit · October 15, 2013

    It’s pretty damn delicious.

  5. robby · October 15, 2013

    Only had a coke but the sausage smelled delicious. cant wait for breakfast

  6. I've had better · October 15, 2013

    Wake up and smell the rip off St. John’s! Just because Dick’s sausage taste “okay” doesn’t mean he has the right to charge double the price you’d pay for the same thing anywhere else on the planet! You can buy the same thing (the owner will try to tell you, you can’t) on the streets of Toronto for $3.50, and it will taste the same (or better). I know, I lived and worked downtown in the Big Smoke for 20+ years.

    If you want to pay $9, check out WVRST sausage and beer hall next time you’re in Toronto. They offer over 18 different sausages for $9 or LESS (example: kangaroo & herbs, bison with blueberry & maple, lamb with olives ($6), Guinea fowl with old cheddar & asparagus etc).

    My point is not that Dick’s isn’t a tasty sausage. I liked mine, just not enough to pay $9 again. If Dick lowered his price to $4, I’d probably be down there a few times a week.

  7. Kent · October 15, 2013

    $3.50 for sausage?? I rarely see for less than $5. This is a large sausage not a hot dog weiner. I had Long Dick’s on my visit last week and the cost was $7, without the drink. It was a very tasty sausage on a very good roll that stayed intact to the end, and was a decent size. There was a good variety of toppings as well. I say great job and it is time that the streets of St. John’s gets on the food truck wagon.

    Obviously “i’ve had better” is ruled by his pocketbook not his tastebuds. Why would you go back if the sausage isn’t tasty….bit of a contradiction.

  8. John Lewis · October 15, 2013

    Ah yes, but the air fare to Toronto is several hundred dollars.

    I might add that T.O. is a big city and finding a hot dog stand there is not always convenient.

  9. anon · October 15, 2013

    Sit-down taste, sit-down
    price, fast-and-dirty venue
    Open a store, Dick!

  10. freddychef · October 15, 2013

    the day I buy a 7-9 buck sausage I’ll be living in Toronto!…I mean really the idea of street food began with cheap eats, affording those brown baggers a break from their 9 to 5 lives, and a step outside…yes they love the weather….funny thing these sausages ARE MADE AT EUROPEAN MEATS I believe—a Kensington Market stalwart with a factory in suburban T.O…..if I am wrong then apology thrown it…

    The argument that street food is stepping up is great IF YOU WERE IN A MARKET THAT WOULD AFFORD SUCH COMPETITION..you are not..small city, small minded (sometimes) smaller prices….

    This guy whines so much(great marketing as CBC mentioned this morning!!!!!!) about business…anyone who took a minute to think about opening a restaurant ( of any kind) in downtown St. John’s would know one thing..a common idea everywhere…LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION……BUT hey go for it…nothing wrong with foodies having choices….just wonder for how long…..

    I do though love that smell as I walk by but hate the ambiance of the parking lot and shadowy of the monolith taxman building….

  11. Christopher Chafe · October 15, 2013

    You are right on most parts, however one huge thing you left out, was the hassle this gentleman has had with both NL Power and City Hall. Also as for the small minded comment hate to say its not only some times its 100 of the time!

  12. Rory · October 15, 2013

    Best in th city period.

  13. darla and jenny · October 15, 2013

    In taking my first bite of this tasty sausage on a delicious bun, I was 110% satisfied! Seriously, one of the best sausages (at least 1/2 lb.) I have ever tasted. We enjoy supporting the small business guys, especially when they are able to provide such a delicious product :)
    Thanks for the experience, we’ll look forward to purchasing your awesome product next time we come to St. John’s.