1. Christine · June 29, 2012

    The only time you can call a place a greasy spoon and mean it in a good way!
    Their Fish and chip are in my top 3 choices in the whole metro area! It’s amazing that there are long lines a Ches’s when Leo’s tastes better, is cheaper and has fast service.

  2. Joe · June 29, 2012

    They Fry with lard. Gross stuff. Would never eat their again.

  3. Food Critic · June 29, 2012

    hey Joe,

    First, learn how to spell. Second, McDonald’s and ALL fast food places used to deep fry with lard. They don’t now. Most small places still use lard in their deep fryers. Why ? because the food tastes very good.

    how do yo know they fry with lard ? are you an x-employee with a grudge ?

  4. Joe · June 29, 2012

    Food Critic,

    I called and asked them. They told me they fry with lard. Feel free to call and ask for yourself. I am not a ex employee and i don’t have a grudge. People have the right to know about the animal by-products the food gets fried in. Veggie Oil is much more healthy and a better alternative. I feel restaurants should not be aloud to deep fry with lard for the health of the people.

  5. leos lover · June 29, 2012

    FYI…if you don’t want fried foods, make your own meals! At least Leo’s told you that they used lard, a lot of bigger restaurants wouldn’t. Obviously, you have never eaten there or you would have realized that Leo’s is a family restaurant that puts the customers first, if you didn’t want your fish fried they would have grilled it for you. No one should be going out for fried food more than once a week anyways…what do you think is in your salad???? 1500 calories! You need to learn a little more before you start putting places down.

  6. Frank · June 29, 2012

    My favourite fishnchips in the city.

  7. dave · June 29, 2012

    over 40 years in business ,,, best fish and chips ,,,

  8. Brian · June 29, 2012

    I grew up on Ches’s, but the past few times I’ve visited home I headed straight for Leo’s. It’s old school fee and chee, like before it became an ‘important cultural symbol’ for Newfoundland. Just good, simple, food done the way it’s supposed to be. No muss, no fuss… just great.

    And I’ll have mine with a Coke, thanks… NFLD may be Pepsi country, but if you need something to was down the greasy goodness, a Coke is your only man.

  9. Matt · June 29, 2012

    I’d have to say this place makes the best chips, dressing and gravy you could ever find. Also, to those bagging on them using lard, it’s been proven pretty conclusively that saturated animal fats don’t cause heart disease and that polyunsaturated (ie. vegetable) oils cause a boatload of problems.

    Either way, you’re eating from a fish and chips joint and most likely getting dressing AND gravy on top of it. Why be a douchebag and start arguing about how one is 0.1% more unhealthy than the other?

  10. Russ · June 29, 2012

    Best place for CDG in the city. Prices are great, too. Worth the struggle to find parking at lunch.

  11. Niki · June 29, 2012

    Had the fish and chips, it was awful. They managed to f@ck up grilled cheese as well. How is that possible?!
    Will never eat there again and I don’t recommend it. Go to the Duke for real food.

  12. Shawn · June 29, 2012

    Been going there since I was very young. I’ve tried fish’n’chips all over and nothing compares to Leo’s. I only get to St. John’s once a year and it’s one of my first stops. Ches’ doesn’t even come close, I mean who puts the dressing and gravy UNDER the fish’n’chips?

    First commenter couldn’t be more right. The only time you can call a place a greasy spoon and mean it as the highest compliment.

    Long live Leo’s!

  13. Bob S. · June 29, 2012

    Just don’t eat fee n chee more than once in a blue moon and you’ll be ok.

  14. Viva · June 29, 2012

    They don’t serve chips, they serve fries.

  15. Paul · June 29, 2012

    Leo’s is my favourite place for a feed of grease,be it lard or oil ,it all tastes great and it keeps my old arteries well lubricated !….ENJOY

  16. danielle · June 29, 2012

    Chips are fries. If you were to go to Britain or anywhere else in the UK and ask for fries, you’d be given some awful looks.

  17. Michelle · June 29, 2012

    What I wouldn’t give right now for a plate of Leo’s chips!

    In the UK, chips=fries, and crisps=(potato)chips. Chips ARE fries! BTW, a takeout is also a takeaway.

  18. Perry · June 29, 2012

    Years ago I drove taxi in St Johns . I drove an Air Canada pilot who claimed the best fish and chips was in England . I made a bet with him . I took him to Leos and we agreed that if Leos was not the best I would buy . If it was the best he would buy . Over the next several he bought whenever he flew into St Johns

  19. The guy who llives down the street · June 29, 2012

    Where is your menu.Can’t find it on computer.Did an idiot set up the website.