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Ever feel a little miffed that Gazeebo Unit is the popular face of Newfoundland hip-hop? Ever feel that just maybe, with a stage and the right tutelage, you could channel Saul Williams and change all that, using your words to send out a wakeup call and fight for social justice? Well, here’s your opportunity. Kevin […]

17 August 2006

  1. halibut · August 17, 2006

    The Scope’s 2008 Breakfast Face Off Results:
    $11.84 for traditional breakfast with free coffee refills. Served everyday 11:30am-10pm, except Sundays 12pm-8:30pm. Recommended breakfast: This is the only breakfast dish served. Price includes tax.

  2. Food Lover · August 17, 2006

    Positive results from this eatery. Food was served extremely prompt. Price was reasonable. 2 appetizers, 2 main meals for $55 is great in my opinion.

  3. M Seaward · August 17, 2006

    Food was good, but overpriced and the portions were small. You’re better off going to Jungle Jims.

  4. Hungry Townie · August 17, 2006

    Better than you would expect

  5. Anna M · August 17, 2006

    My boyfriend and I go here all the time! Their french onion soup is unbelieveable. I love it! Its a cute place. I love spending my wait time drawing little pictures on the paper table cloth! If your looking for good food, at a reasonable price, in a cheesey setting this is the place to go. Also the service is excellent, beats jungle jims HANDS DOWN on service.

  6. Terry Tompkins · August 17, 2006

    Place was slow at the time we arrived. Had to wait to get seated. Small portions. My wife’s “steamed” veggies were crunchy. She asked for them to be “steamed” a little longer and they came out hot…from the microwave but definitely not steamed. Food was overpriced and not very good.

  7. Holly · August 17, 2006

    We were SO NOT impressed with this restaurant. I have been trying to get in contact with some from here and cant seem to get anybody.

    First of all when we arrived we had to wait a about 10 mins or so to get seated (not too bad and not really what I am upset about). Its when we got to our seats that it really started. We were given our drinks in about 5 mins along with the kids meal. So the kids had their meal gone in about 10 mins or so, while we waited for over an hour for ours. OVER AN HOUR!!! Crazy and NOT GOOD SERVICE!

    When we FINALLY got our food it was horrible. One meal (fish and chips) the fries were rubbery and cold, another meal (club sandwich) the chicken was hard on the edges, the lettuce (one piece) was not fresh, and the bun hard and the other (wings and chips) the same thing with the fries, rubbery and cold. We also had to ask for forks and knives in order to eat the food, because we were not given these when we were seated.

    For the money that I spent that night, I was not happy with the value that I received.

    I would love for someone from this restaurant to get in touch with me through my email that I have provided. I would just like to express to them how unhappy I was with the service given that night at the restaurant.

  8. Corey Poole · August 17, 2006


    I am sorry you had such a horrible experience here at Klondike Jake’s. I would love to get in contact with you, and talk about your experience. I cannot access the email you provided to the scope as it’s not published. My email address is coreypoole@gmail.com, please email me so we can set up a time to discuss the matter. I can also be reached at the restaurant at 747-1897, any day except Wednesdays and Sundays. I would really like to get in touch with you, and hopefully I can convince you to give us another shot!

    Corey Poole
    General Manager, Klondike Jake’s

  9. Jennifer · August 17, 2006

    They need an online menu. Get with the times!!

  10. Shonna · August 17, 2006

    You need an online menu with nutritional info!!