1. Billy · April 15, 2013

    My wife and I visit here quite often for the greek menu. Portions are large and food is always tasty. One of the few places I’ve been locally where you can get lamb dishes. Spanikopita app is very good as well. Atmophere is nice, I believe Friday and/or Sat they have some live background music by a female who plays guitar and sings.

  2. Hungry Townie · April 15, 2013

    Tried it for the first time Saturday night. Pretty good. Big portions, friendly service, varied menu. Will go again.

  3. Brad · April 15, 2013

    Been there twice. Food wasn’t really anything to write home about, and the server wasn’t the best. To be fair to her, she did seem new.

  4. Fran · April 15, 2013

    Good food and excellent service. Value for money and very tasty dishes. We enjoy going there on weekends and listen to Ann sing.

  5. Loved it!!! · April 15, 2013

    Everything was good, the food, service and atmosphere. Will go back soon.

  6. Sharon · April 15, 2013

    Great food, great atmosphere and great service. We just love this restaurant.

  7. Sharon · April 15, 2013

    The service was excellent as was the food! We’ve been there several times now and each time we come away extremely full and extremely pleased with the food and the price of the meal. I’ve had the Moussaka and the lamb and the souvlaki, but this time we had to platter for two, but between three people, we couldn’t eat it all. It is a relaxed atmosphere and no pressure to finish up and move on. Management on the floor is a huge plus. Check it out, but be patient as the chef says it takes time to make good food!

  8. Jaimito from Israel · April 15, 2013

    Good food, very good service, very busy but good managed , prices reasonable . I would come again and highly recommend this restaurant.

  9. Erin · April 15, 2013

    Sharon/Jaimito are you the same, cause your avatar is? Next time you try and pump up a review/rating try using another email.
    Good try though, with the broken English on the second one.

  10. Sharon · April 15, 2013

    Hello Erin,

    Yes, we are the same or rather we both used my personal email address when we posted our individual views and take on this restaurant. My friend is from Israel and visiting here. Not sure who you are, but next time please make sure of your facts.

  11. Clint · April 15, 2013

    It was our first visit and we absolutely enjoyed the evening. Very good food and so was the service. Highly recommended. Will be back.

  12. Pierre · April 15, 2013

    Food was served cold, the noise and shouting from the kitchen was loud and unpleasant. Management should be on site to control their kitchen staff. Very disappointing and won’t be back.