Hungry Heart Cafe

Hungry Heart Cafe

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142 Military Road

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18 Reader Reviews of Hungry Heart Cafe

(14 positive, 2 negative)
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    Overall Rating55555
    M.J. Hunter Says:

    Certainly a breath of fresh air here in St. John’s.
    I was delighted to eat food with flavour, colour and pizazz.
    The Chef obviously knows a thing or two about fine cuisine and what people are interested in eating these days because the place was just blocked and I’m told that it is like that every day.
    Bravo Hungry Heart for providing a great service and the best food I’ve eaten in a long time.

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    VeggieLover Says:

    This place is one the best in town. The slad I had with my lunch was beautiful, delicious and local. Why is it so hard to get a good salad in this town. Brunch is fabulous, and the regular lunch menu is delicious. They offer both vegetarian and meat dishes, the coffee is great and their desserts are wow. The service here is fantastic, some of the best I have seen in this city and the ambiance of the place is great. Keep up the brilliant job, you are one of my favourite.

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    Overall Rating55555
    VeggieLover Says:

    My rating for the previous review is 5 STARS!

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    Overall Rating55555
    Enjoyfood Says:

    Cannot wait to get a chance to return. I travel to the city frequently for business and this is always a very enjoyable lunch experience.

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    Overall Rating55555
    Elling Lien Says:

    Loves it.

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    Tim Barnes Says:

    Fantastic spot. Service was quick and pleasant. Loved the specials. Greek salad was actually Greek salad… not a lettuce leaf to be seen. So i def recommend…

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    Overall Rating55555
    Lark Says:

    Finally made it to this cute little restaurant and it instantly became one of my favourites in the city. So pleased to support local foods and a great organization. I had the curry chicken wrap (typically, I would have opted for it in sandwich-form, but was advised by a very well-informed waiter to go for the wrap) and it was brimming with goodness! No skimping here. My partner had the quiche, which was also great, and we both had the soup of the day (squash, dill, and swiss cheese, I think) and we both enjoyed it. Took a super moist date square for the road. Prices were reasonable, service was great, and found a free parking spot just a minute-walk away. I’ve been recommending Hungry Heart to all my friends and we can’t wait to go back.

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    Overall Rating22222
    Sid Says:

    Ok. This place caters to a specific kind of clientele, so this is not a negative review if your into this kind of food. However, if your tastes are more on the simple side and you just want $20 worth of food and not just a sandwich, this place is not for you.

    I must say I’m starting to get sick of these places who’s menu has less then 10 options sorted into 3 categories. I mean can I just have some rice or a few homemade fries as a side and not some insane salad.

    Variety is basically all I’m saying. Please.

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    Overall Rating55555
    Leanne Says:

    Love the soups and loveeeeee the scones and various desserts always availble to sample.

    When dining with groups of friends, some who are pickier eaters however, it would be nice to see maybe one sandwich and/or soup of a more generic variety so that they can have something to choose from as well.

    Cheers and keep up the great work!

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    Overall Rating44444
    jennifer Says:

    Best chocolate chip cookies ever. Also, great soups, but different ones each day with no set schedule. I had their amazing mushroom soup once, maybe will again some day!

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    Overall Rating55555
    Brittany Says:

    This is the best place I have eaten in St.John’s. The service is amazing, the food is worth much more than what they charge and the scones are a whole other story. It’s also part of Stella’s Circle so that makes it even better!
    The only downsides are it’s small so you often have to make reservations. Also the menu changes every day with only a few constant things. Though I enjoy this because it’s sort of a surprise when you go in (like going to dinner at a friends house) I know some people like to chose a dish and stick to it.
    It’s always new and fresh at Hungry Heart so I love it! I would recommend it to anyone!

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    Overall Rating55555
    tee Says:

    This place is amazing!! I recomend it to everyone. They don’t have a large menu but everything on it is delicious and you can read the menu before hand online. It’s in support of the Stella Burry community agency, a great cause. I absolutely love to take people here, it’s the perfect place for business breakfasts in particular -has no risk! Always great vegetarian options. I do recomend you make reservations.

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    Overall Rating55555
    Lance Says:

    I had the pulled pork…. to die for.

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    Overall Rating55555
    Beth Says:

    We went into the cafe, just looking for a coffee break, and instead found the best restaurant in St. Johns. We went back 3 times and even brought scones back to the hotel for breakfast when we had an early flight. Everything thing we tried was beautifuly presented and absolutely delicious. The pancakes were fantastic. Even though all the tables were reserved, the staff found a place to squeeze us tourists in. We felt that we had become good friends. When in St. John’s, this is the place! Look no further.

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    Overall Rating55555
    Gloria Says:

    I had lunch at this fabulous place on March 23rd. The whole experience was fantastic. I had the quiche with the broccoli and pecan salad.
    The absolute best meal I have had in a restaurant in eons!!
    The place was immaculate and very inviting, the food and the service was top notch. A person can’t ask for anything more. I would definitely go back again.

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    Overall Rating55555
    Ros Says:

    Had lunch recently with friends at this
    lovely little restaraunt. It was my turn to
    pick the spot, & it was my first visit. I loved
    the food, the service & the atmosphere.
    It was a real treat, & I will be back again
    this week.

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    Overall Rating22222
    Nicole Says:

    I have to say that my husband and I were not impressed by the food at this place. We each ordered a quiche and salad (different quiches). We couldn’t taste the difference between each other’s quiche, they were both tasteless and bland. The service however was good and the staff very friendly.

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    Overall Rating55555
    B Says:

    I don’t think anyone can find a better place to eat. I just wish they had better (or just more) hours. I would love to see them do dinner!

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