Guv’nor Pub & Eatery

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389 Elizabeth Avenue

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13 Reader Reviews of Guv’nor Pub & Eatery

(6 positive, 2 negative)
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    halibut Says:

    The Scope’s 2008 Breakfast Face Off Results:
    $9.70 for traditional breakfast with free coffee refills. Served weekdays 7am- 12pm and weekends 8am-4pm. Recommended breakfast: Guv’nor Skillet consisting of breakfast favourites served in a cast iron pan with hollandaise sauce. Price includes tax.

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    NomNomNom Says:

    They have a great skillet, and overall all of their meals are pretty good. The only problem is the service, that can be hit or miss.

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    Brad Bastow Says:

    Loved the breakfast skillet. Nice faux English neighborhood watering hole; when you don’t want to watch sports.

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    AC Says:

    The food may or may not be good, not too sure. We left in a hurry after dealing with the snarky waitress.

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    Pascal Says:

    Ordinary! I am not sure that a Governor already ordered a meal there.

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    Overall Rating44444
    LB Says:

    Nice cozy place to have brunch. It is well priced and there is a great selection. The staff is friendly and there is one gal who makes the best Ceaser’s.

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    Overall Rating44444
    Savitri Says:

    I love coming here for a dessert or for a pub dinner with friends. Most of their food is very good, and I love the music and atmosphere.

    The ceaser salads are insanely small, however. I ended up picking off my friend’s plate because the salad could fit in the palm of my hand. Pretty expensive too, for a plain ceaser salad.

    All the other food I’ve tried, though, has been great. I mostly come back for the music and booths, though!

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    Overall Rating22222
    Jim Says:

    Great place if you’re into deep fried grease and tacky faoux-English decor.

    Honestly, nice place to stop in for a pint – especially considering there is nowhere else worth visiting nearby.

    If you’re hungry – go over to Sobey’s throw a frozen dinner into the microwave.

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    Overall Rating33333
    Jim Says:

    This is a hit and miss place. If you hit the good times, then it is decent and enjoyalbe food and a tasty experience of close to homemade taste and generous portions. If you hit one of the bad times the food will be barely warm and not as fresh and tasty as it should be. I would say about 6 out of 10 times will be good. They can spruce up the decor a little as some of it is showing it’s wear and tear and getting kind of tacky. the booths and the bar makes for a kind of charming english style pub atmosphere. give it a go, hopefully you will hit one of the good times, I guess you could always ask for the food to be hot and fresh. Cheers!

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    Overall Rating55555
    Darrell Says:

    great atmosphere, employees very courteous, food great, definitely will go back there again.

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    Overall Rating33333
    Tony Says:

    Nice,cozy little joint.Reasonably priced food and a pretty good, albeit, often crowded atmosphere.

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    Overall Rating11111
    Gordon Gekko Says:

    I have really tried to like this place, but no more. I will never be back again. I ate there a couple of days ago and the food took far too long, they weren’t even busy, AND they completely screwed up my order and when I complained the waitress argued with me. I know what I ordered lady, and what you brought out was not it. If this was a one-time thing I wouldn’t be writing this review, but I have given the Guvnor’s plenty of chances. This is a good spot for a cold pint between classes, but take a pass on the food.

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    Overall Rating33333
    Brad Says:

    The food for me has been consistently good, the service on the other hand is very hit or miss. The place could use a facelift in the decor department.

    The other thing that annoyed me was they charged extra for sauce that was supposed to be on my burger. I don’t like being nickeld and dimed…and there’s no way that little tub of sauce
    Cost the place 75 cents a pop.

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