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30 April 2012

  1. M Seaward · April 30, 2012

    Great food. Prices are reasonable, especially when you get unlimited french fries with your order, and you can get a cheap movie ticket with your meal. Try the Bayman Burger, it’s amazing.

  2. Terrible · April 30, 2012

    Let’s see:

    – Slow (15minutes for a burger and fries at what is a fast food joint?)

    – Cold fries (this is just ridicoulous…)

    – Terrible burger (I watched the ‘cook’ squish the burgers down- pushing all the juices out. End result was unsurprisingly a dry, bad, burger.).

    Go anywhere else for a better burger. Anywhere.

  3. Jane · April 30, 2012

    One of the only places in the city to offer a “real poutine” as in one that uses authentic curd cheese! Big love for that. My Boyfriend had the “Bayman Burger” and to quote from him “it felt like I was hit in the stomach” which in his words means it was a great burger. The service was good, as we were finishing our meal someone even came over to ask us how our food was which isn’t typical of fast food joints and it made us leave happy. I will be returning for more wicked poutine in the future most certainly.

  4. Johnny · April 30, 2012

    I always liked Fog City…until last night. The food was okay, but what really disgusted me were the bathrooms. They were gross!! Only 1 out of 3 stalls were in working order, the toilet paper was just laid on top of the toilet, there was paper all over the floor, and there was NO SOAP!!! Are you kidding me!? That’s just disgusting. This was AFTER I ate. So whoever handled my food probably had unwashed hands. I’m sooo disgusted. Will never return – or if I do I’ll be checking the bathrooms first!

  5. John · April 30, 2012

    Fog City Diner in Atlantic Place is great, but there are a few problems. The fish and chips are surprisingly good and at a decent price, the 50’s style is pretty cool too, but the two people that work there (the only ones I guess, I’ve been there a few times and it’s always these two working) are terrible. They mess your order up constantly, they are rude, and they definitely do not want to be there. Atlantic Place looks so good and the presentation and food from the Fog City Diner is great, yet these two employees bring it all down.