1. Shell · June 12, 2012

    This was our first time @ the Press and Bean @ any location, and it was fantastic! The decor was modern but comfortable, service was wonderful and the food fantastic! Wine was typically overpriced, but thats not unusual. I had tomato curry soup ( I hate curry! ) which was so fresh and tasty. My husband had scallops in an almond and ginger sauce I believe. Perfection! Steaks were done exactly as we ordered, and with the sauces on the side, it was melt in your mouth. Dessert fantastic as well. Will definately be going back!

  2. Scotman · June 12, 2012

    The P&B is a lunch sandwich favourite. The National Post is a close tie with the Telegram for the best sandwich ever(IMHO). Food is fresh and tasty, salads and soup are fresh and appear to be made to order. Unfortunately the dinner menu has not lived up to the promise of the lunch fare – even in the new location, although only done the dinner service 1 time, it fell below the quality of the lunch fare. Water street location atmosphere is great, service is at the expected level, at both the quiet of hours and the peak times. The crown jewel would be a boutique hotel above the water street restaurant!

  3. JayelleMo · June 12, 2012

    Ended up at Merlo’s Press and Bean after discovering Chinched Bistro is closed on Tuesdays.
    It was fantastic. The three course meals are an excellent way to layout the menu – made it easy to decide.
    I had steamed mussels for an appetizer, an actually decent amount of mussels and they were great. My husband’s Thai coconut shrimp was a few too few shrimp, but the sauce was very tasty and actually spicy.
    My steak and Merlot sauce was cooked to absolute perfection, tender, juicy and delicious. My husband’s Blackend Cod was mouthwateringly good.
    Dessert – a rich Baclava and a dense Irish Cream cheesecake were nothing spectacular, but still delicious. I could have done without the canned “whipped cream” and sad strawberries as garnish, though.

    The service was great – I really appreciated that they gave us time between courses to digest. Not a place to rush, but a fine dining experience.

  4. Katie · June 12, 2012

    Went to the Press and Bean on Water St, because I’d heard very good things. However, I wasn’t very impressed. If I’m gonna pay 50 for one meal, I expect much better. I had the “jewels of the sea” pasta. It came with shrimp, mussels and salmon that was clearly not very fresh, tasted like it has been in a deep freeze forever. My boyfriend had the striploin steak, and the presentation was awful. Looked like it had some sort of gravy poured over it, and was somewhat lukewarm. We had the chocolate cheesecake for dessert, which was good, but we only got it because they told us that they did’t have the lemon anymore, even though it was on the menu. Don’t think I’ll be going back.

  5. Justin · June 12, 2012

    I took my family (a party of 14) to the Press and Bean on Water St. following my convocation. In a previous visit, the food was delicious so I thought it would be a good choice to take my family, as many of them are not particularly experimental with food. I made my reservation in January for May 29th. On the day of our dinner, the staff called me twice to confirm that I was still coming (I said “yes, of course” both times).

    So, at 7PM my party of 14 arrived for our reservation, only to wait about 5 minutes for a table to be cleaned and prepped for us. Starving after a long day of convocation festivities we took our seats. Forty-five minutes later, we received water. We then insisted that we place our alcoholic beverage orders, which arrived another 20 minutes later. Meanwhile, the wait staff rarely checked on us, or asked us if we wanted another beverage. Finally, our meal orders were taken. By 9:30, after several inquiries from our table, the meals started to come out, though most mains were mismatched with the appropriate sides.

    Needless to say, we asked to speak to the manager, who did speak to us after 2 inquiries. She then proceeded to argue with us, attributing the poor service to our being late for our reservations. However, we arrived on time and had to wait on them to prepare the table.

    In any case, the food was decent. The service however, was the worst I’ve ever experienced and to top it all off, THE MANAGER ARGUED WITH US!

    We paid our bill of over $700, without so much as an apology from the staff.

  6. CJCregg · June 12, 2012

    I am always disappointed when someone suggests going here.

  7. Ramone · June 12, 2012

    Ate at the Torbay Rd. location and was very disappointed. To begin with, staff argued with our party that had made the reservation upon entering saying they did not make one…even though the restaurant was quite empty and we had indeed made one.

    After being seated, took 20 mins to ask if we wanted drinks, 1/2hr before we even placed our order. Forgot to offer our table bread, which wouldn’t have been a big deal but it was going 1hr into our being seated. Appetizers arrived 45 mins in…only to find a dead housefly in one of our salads. Management apologized and said things would be taken care of…good. Main course was okay to good, so pleased with that. Upon payment we were told that our guest that received the fly would be discounted 15% of her meal…..A manager should be mortified that this happened and 15% just don’t cut it! Besides it wasn’t like her meal needed to be rewarmed or ordered something that didn’t arrive…were the rest of the guest supposed to ignore the fly??!!

    Overall the wait staff seemed disinterested and pretty much just took orders and brought meals without any care for the atmosphere, service or attention.

    I left feeling like we bothered them for being there. Management get a staff meeting and customer training before this location is forgotten about.

  8. AHTG · June 12, 2012

    My friends and I recently went here to celebrate what was a very important and special occasion, and it’s an understatement to say how unfortunate it was that the evening was dampened by the poor service and food we experienced that night! I’ve been here before and it’s always taken a longer than average time to receive your meal, but this night was just pathetic!

    First of all, we made a reservation in advance, so for management to blame an exceptional long wait on us because we came as a large group, is unfair and looks stupid on their part. If you can’t handle a large group, then don’t take a reservation. Or maybe, look at the book in advance and be prepared. Just a thought.

    Our reservation was for 8:00, and we all ordered their three course specials. It was around 9:30-10:00 when we first received our appetizers, and some were hot while others were freezing. Soup had to be sent back three times for some people, only to be cancelled in the end because it just never came back hot first or last.

    It was after 11:20 when we finally started to get our mains, keep in mind that other members in our group had somehow gotten their app, main, dessert and bill, while some of us were still waiting on our main, haha and others who still had yet to eat because their appetizers were cold.

    When we finally did get our food, after a three hour wait, you would think that the chef or servers would at least take the time to ensure that it was hot before bringing it out to our table. The pork, duck, tenderloin, stir fry and mash potato were all completely cold, almost like they had just been sitting in the kitchen for a half hour. It was gross.

    Then when we called our server over and asked to speak to someone in charge, she sent her manager over to see us. After a few minutes, an older lady, the manager, came over and stood at our table and said “I was told you want me, what do you want?” – Everyone kind of just started at her for a few minutes because she came across very abrasive. So we explained to her that we have been waiting for over three hours to eat, and we now have our meals, but they’re freezing. Her reply was “Well I can take it away, or heat it up, what do you want me to do about it?”. There was NEVER, not once, an apology given to our group by the manager, which was incredibly unprofessional. To be blunt, she acted like an ass, and made herself look like one too. When we said to her that we just didn’t understand the wait and why the night was going as it was, and she said again “Well what do you want me to do?” and then one girl said she could start with an apology.. Even then she wouldn’t do it, she just rolled her eyes and said “Do you want your food heated or not? I don’t know why it came out the way it did”.

    Based on the management’s behaviour and reaction alone, we won’t be going back. She told us that we all had to pay full price for our freezing cold, three hour wait food. What a joke!!!

    We all were offered our dessert to go, they didn’t expect anyone to stay and wait to eat them there, but they didn’t hesitate to still charge everyone for it.

    We called the owners the next day to tell them about our experience and they said they didn’t believe us, that we had to be making it up!! It was crazy! The owner seems like she is possibly a few screws too loose, so maybe that’s why our night was as crap as it was, and why it seemed to be an okay standard for them to uphold.

    They made us wait for hours, ruined our night, didn’t apologize, charged full price and then not only did they refuse to accept any responsibility, but they had to audacity to try and blame us for their mistakes.

    I’m all about supporting local business, but this was by far the worst dining experience we have ever had.