Duck on Water

193 Water Street, St. John’s


  1. Sara · September 11, 2011

    The most amazing meal I’ve ever had in the city. Hands down. The presentation was outstanding and the flavor exceeded our expectations. Dining out in SJ will not be the same. Service was also exceptional. Pricey but well, well worth it.

  2. Lucy · September 11, 2011

    I went there for the first time tonight and was very pleasantly surprised. The restaurant itself is very comfortable and quite nicely done. The service was very good and the meals we all had were fabulous. We all had different appetizers and different meals. The three of us were quite pleased with everything about the place! I definitely recommend it. I see the previous comment has 4 thumbs down, but this was a definite thumbs up!

  3. Reviewer · September 11, 2011

    I recently dined at Duck on Water for dinner. My guest and I were first served an amuse bouche of deep-fried risotto balls that were wonderfully crispy and creamy. I then enjoyed an appetizer of pork belly with braised savoy cabbage that was also delicious. We were quite pleased with the time it took for the appetizer to arrive. So far so good, but the entrées is where the trouble began. After already waiting over 30 minutes for our entrées, we were becoming a little impatient. Then, when the entrées did arrive, mine was incorrect. I had ordered the cedar plank salmon with mango salsa, but was served the cod and mussels. Guests meal was correct, grilled striploin, but I had to send mine back forcing us to have to wait another 20 minutes. When I finally received the correct entrée, I was very pleased as it was excellent in taste and presentation. However, guests steak was medium-well when it was ordered to be medium. We also think it was left under a warming light while my entrée was being corrected. If that was the case, it should have been totally redone. Luckily, my dessert of baked pudding with a creamy caramel sauce was absolutely divine. In fact, it was to die for, one of the best desserts I have ever eaten. I do have a few other complaints though, I would have liked to see a dessert menu, instead of having our waiter quickly list them off, with no explanation. As well, our waiter seemed very rushed; as he was running back and forth the dining room and did not seem very accommodating to us, nor did he give a real apology for messing up my entrée. One final suggestion, in the restrooms, it would be much nicer to have cloth hand towels and bottled hand soap, instead of paper towel and soap from a dispenser. I also would have enjoyed a cleaner restroom. Overall, the experience was good. All of the food tasted and looked great and the ambiance was relaxing, but the service could have and should have been better. When I go out to a higher class restaurant, I have very high expectations and expect them to be met. Duck on Water just fell a little short.

  4. Ma · September 11, 2011

    Duck on Water is abuzz with an energy that is at once sophisticated and comfortable. The staff members are charming and the food is consistently delicious. And if you’re feeling up for a martini or two after your meal, there’s a stylish bar attached to the restaurant called The Last Drop. Make this top-notch establishment a regular destination on your calendar.