X Marks the Spot

X-Men Origins suffers from schizophrenia of purpose. It’s trying to be a film about brothers, but also tries to be a film about prejudice, love, the military-industrial complex… did I leave anything out?

7 May 2009

  1. BEN C. · May 7, 2009

    Although the food was overpriced, the portions were big and tasted great. I had the ‘Bacon, Swiss & Mushroom Burger’ and ‘Cherry’s Chips’ (in place of fries), which was so good! There was lots of TV’s too and a variety of sports to satisfy any fan. The service was also fast, we got our food in about 10 minutes. Overall, I’d give Don Cherry’s a 4 out of 5 for great food, atmosphere and service.

  2. NomNomNom · May 7, 2009

    Once upon a time I really enjoyed Don Cherry’s but over the past year it seems to have gotten worse and worse.

    The Irish Nachos are usually overcooked with very little toppings…the wings are usually overcooked…

    best thing about it…the huge drinks.

  3. Jeff · May 7, 2009

    Either I got pretentious, and started noticing how food tastes, or the quality of food has gone down hill over the years.

    However I just ate an m&m off the floor and it is awesome

  4. Elling Lien · May 7, 2009

    Does anyone know what’s up with the Don Cherry painting on the door on the side of the building? It was defaced, but is being painted back very slowly…

  5. M Seaward · May 7, 2009

    The food and service were mediocre at best, nothing special about this place at all.

  6. Frank Lee · May 7, 2009

    Haven’t eaten there in years – but it’s worth noting that Don Cherry’s in CLARENVILLE is consistently excellent. Huge menu, great service… I’ve eaten there about a dozen times and every time I have not one complaint.

  7. Ryan · May 7, 2009

    Don’s ultimate wings are the best, especially on 2-for-1 nights.

  8. Ashley · May 7, 2009

    Don Cherry’s is a good place to go for unhealthy but satisfying appetizers to watch the game. Their wings and nachoes for example, are great. I don’t like going there for a main dish, however, because they always seem to disappoint. The last time I went I had the chicken parmesan. The chicken was WAY too salty and the spaghetti noodles were blah (it would be nice if they offered a whole wheat option). The pasta sauce was just crappy as well. My boyfriend had a burger which he didn’t even eat because he said it tasted like nothing.

  9. Amy · May 7, 2009

    Don cherry’s is overpriced and I always leave feeling gipped and unsatisfied. Ex. Their nachos are $13 and all you get is a plate of dry nachos with a sprinkle of cheese and about 2 kinds of veggies if you’re lucky. The service is also horrible and the wait times are rediculous. It seems like the management just doesn’t care because they know they’ll still make money being one of the few sports bar & restaurant. I’d also note that the don cherry’s in clarenville is awful, probably the worst of them all. I’ve only eaten there a handful of times but each time I waited over 2 hours by the time it was all said and done.

  10. Lyric · May 7, 2009

    Honey, I highly doubt you waited over 2 hours for a meal, that’s completely absurd. I have eaten at the Clarenville Don Cherry`s many a time and haven`t had a single problem.
    Also if the food is so overpriced don`t eat there, simple. Actually $13 isn’t that bad compared to other places I go to. :3

  11. Jim Page · May 7, 2009

    Actually for what you get it is very over priced.For 3 people to eat wings and some nachos with beer (2) each for (2) of us it was $121.52. Seems a bit high for what we got. However I have had no problem with service at all.

  12. Nancyyyy · May 7, 2009

    Don Cherry’s on Freshwater is my favorite place to eat, hands down. They have the best vegetarian nachos in the world, along with the awesome cherry chips! I’ve never had a problem with service, and there prices arent’ horrible for the amount of food that you get. You’d pay ten bucks for any fast food combo? However I was very unfortunate to eat at the don cherrys in Grand Falls. It was the worst experience of my life. The service was HORRIBLE and the food was HORRIBLE. The two girls working there didn’t want to be there, and made sure it was clear. I ordered the veggie nachos and got a few burnt nachos with not even a handful of cheese with tomato and red pepper on it. I pointed out to the waitress that I did not get what it was described as in the menu and she said that I was the first to ever complain and she couldn’t do anything about it. Myself and my boyfriend left our full meals on the table and went to subway.

  13. Jen · May 7, 2009

    I have to say that I am very disappointed with my recent visit to Don Cherry’s on Freshwater Road. It was my friend’s birthday and there were three of us for lunch. We’ve gone there together for lunch many times of the past few years and I have to comment on skimpy they’ve gotten with the food portions and have raised the prices to boot! I used to enjoy the taco salad but now it’s half the ingredients in a half size shell……sad. One of my other friends had the same thing and couldn’t help commenting on the very noticeable difference. It’s funny because, when I placed the order, I asked the waitress for extra dressing but didn’t need it at all this time. My other friend had the quesadillas which now come in three instead of 4 with only a couple of pieces of green pepper…oh my

    On top of all this, I mentioned to the waitress that it was a birthday and could the birthday girl have a cupcake or whatever and she informed me that they no longer give out the piece of cake!!! Wha??? Very cheap and unimpressive……won’t be going back to that! Too bad……I really used to enjoy it. The only positive thing there was the service which was good and a friendly waitress.

  14. HatesDons · May 7, 2009

    I have never reviewed anything before but I feel it is necessary for me to say how horrible the food is here! I have gone to the Don Cherry’s on Freshwater Road 3 times and lets just say 3 strikes and I will not be going back. The 3rd time was last night, there were 5 of us and every dish was disgusting. For appetizers we ordered calamari and cherry chip nachos. The nachos were the best thing we had. The calamari was so breaded that you couldn’t taste the calamari at all. For the main course I had a Greek Salad which basically came in a bowl of water (they must have forgot to spin/dry the lettuce) It was also drenched in salad dressing and wayyyy too much cheese on it, probably to cover up the fact that it had maybe 2 pieces of onion and 4-5 slivers of red pepper AND it was $10.00! After 2 bites of soggy lettuce I moved on to the wings which had Don’s ultimate sauce on them. I only ate 3 because they were burnt and again had way too much batter on them. My mother-in-law had the french onion soup and it was thicker than chili and was the color of tar, she barely touched it. The first time I went there I had fish and chips and had to send them back twice because it was raw the first time and soggy and cold the 2nd time, the 3rd time it was still gross but I kept it because I didn’t want to send it back the 3rd time….I could go on and on but simply put it is not worth the money!

  15. GirlHeartsFood · May 7, 2009


    Worst food eaten in NL. Went on Sat night which should be their A-game – Not overly busy.

    Every person’s food was disgusting. Nacho’s with NO cheese, just chili, I ordered a stir fry thing that had only green peppers and so many cashews that they were yucky – first time ever had yucky cashews. Only saving grace was wings and onion rings which were not terrible i.e. I said not terrible, I didn’t say they were good. And we waited over one hour after placing orders for food to arrive.

  16. Doug Young · May 7, 2009

    Hit and miss… Only problem I ever had is nachos they come without cheese! So don’t order them!!!

  17. P1$$ed · May 7, 2009

    NO GOOD! Don’t waste your money. We waited almost an hour for food to hit the table, Tuesday, not overly busy. Food finally arrived, it was all cold and the steak sandwich was tougher than leather boots. I asked for a manager, a supervisor came by, I told her the above, she just offered her apologies and said all restaurants are like this. SAY WHAT!!!! I was born at night, but it wasn’t LAST NIGHT! I’ve eaten in just about every restaurant in metro St. John’s and hundreds across Canada, I also worked in dozens of them, and NO, it isn’t like this in all of them. We waisted 1.5 hours and, had no food, and told the supervisor to cancel our order, we’re leaving. Don’t waste your hard earned money on this store. Hopefully they will just close down.

  18. Kenmore · May 7, 2009

    I went to Don Cherry’s with a bit of a crowd: about a dozen people. They put us in a separate, small dining area which was fantastic. It had a big table, some privacy, and a large TV so we could watch the game while we chatted and ate. It was a Wednesday night and the place was dead. When we entered at 10:30 there were only four tables seated in the whole place, including ours.

    What followed was an hour and a half of some of the most abysmal service I’ve had in a long time.

    I realize that Don’s is not the sort of place you go to for incredible food or to be doted on by charming, over-concerned staff, but our waitress had about as much warmth as a feral cat. She rolled her eyes and was rather sharp with some members of our group as we ordered. Aside from taking our order and delivering the food we hardly saw our waitress–a fact that MIGHT be forgivable IF it was busy–and we had to ask more than once for refills, extra salsa, and even forks.

    At the end of the evening there was a general consensus that we hadn’t been served well, and the tip left should reflect this. Some advocated not leaving a tip at all. We ended up leaving something VERY modest. When it was all said and done and we were heading for the door, the waitress was overheard complaining (to who I presume was another employee) that we were cheap.

    The food is passable although slightly overpriced, and the restaurant is a nice place to sit and eat, but the service approaches “hostile.” It might not save you any money, but after this experience I definitely recommend checking out Boston Pizza over Don Cherry’s. It’ll at least save you some dignity.

  19. Jay · May 7, 2009

    Lyric I totally agree, people that find it over priced should go to another restaurant, usually these people are the ones who also don’t leave a tip and just take up the time for servers. If you can’t afford to eat out and leave a tip, make some KD at home……Also 2 hours is completely exaggerated, there is no way you waited that long.

  20. Brad · May 7, 2009

    Meh is about all I can say really. It is a good spot to go watch a game with the guys, the food is OK. And the service is barely passable. Some nights I have waited forever to get served and other times it’s been quick. Maybe if the servers stopped chatting amongst themselves doing nothing then it be better.

  21. Chris · May 7, 2009

    The wings are good. Everything else is pretty lame. Most of the waitresses are pretty cute though. :)

  22. Sue McEvoy · May 7, 2009

    There were 20 of us in to your Freshwater Rd restuarant last night for my grandson’s 13th birthday. We told the server why we were there (other restuarants acknowledge special occasions and give a complementary dessert)but she told us that you do not do that. It might be something to think about- it would boost your public relations, the little things go a long way.

  23. Karen · May 7, 2009

    We arrived and were told there would be a 20 minute wait for a table (obviously busy) – we had a beer in the bar while waiting and were seated in about 10-15 minutes. Took another 10 minutes to get served. An hour later and a large glass of fluid, still no food. However, tables seated 15-20 minutes after us were enjoying their meals. We ordered nachos and wings – nothing out of the ordinary. We left (without our food but full on water) and will NEVER go back. Management needs to assess their serving system.

  24. B · May 7, 2009

    Food snobs, don’t go to a sprts bar and then write a bad review it’s just stupid.

    It’s a greasy chain resturant and it’s the best of it’s kind! The atmosphere is just what you want it to be, there’s no better place in town to watch a game and drink beer with your buddies. Everyone who has complained about the wings might as well be a vegitarian because they are the best thing one can put in their mouth. Drinks are massive in a delightfully untasteful way that just makes it such a fun spot to be! It’s more expensive than fast food but that’s about it, you get enough food to feed you for weeks. You don’t order a meal there an expect to finish it at the table, that’s lunch for tomorrow along with your supper tonight ya moron!

    And when it comes to the waits, how about next time you go to dons you look at the TV guide first? A lot of people go to watach some game or another and are in no hurry as they plan to be there for up to three hours. It’s a place to go and hang out not to eat and leave.

    It’s a happy spot, if you don’t like it you’re probably someone I would rather not run into there as it is.

  25. Person · May 7, 2009

    Why on earth is this place categorized as “fine dining”….couldn’t be any further from it! Must be a mistake!