Rob Breszny in The Scope?

Okay. The short story: 1. We noticed Free Will Astrology wasn’t in a recent edition of another local publication. 2. We sent an e-mail to Rob asking if he had been dropped. 3. He sent us a reply saying yes, he had been dropped. 4. We asked if he’d like to come to The Scope. […]

2 September 2007

  1. elizabeth · September 2, 2007

    awesome breakfast! we drive there from downtown for breakfast from time to time, its just so good. good vegetarian options too unlike most affordable places here.

  2. ear · September 2, 2007

    Fantastic service, great new decor, cozy and clean setting, delicious food…I love Clancy’s for breakfast!!!

  3. Brad · September 2, 2007

    Breakfast is very good. And I enjoy the decor and atmosphere…

    …unfortunately the good ends there. Apparently they have a new food & beverage manager (old one went to Gypsy Tea Room) and it showed. Service has gone downhill. The bar was full, but there was maybe 4 other tables besides me and 3 waitresses on. I had the burger and it was well undercooked, had to send it back twice in fact. Server was inattentive and didnt seem to care of my presence. Won’t be going back for the forseeable future.

  4. Rachel · September 2, 2007

    LOVE the steak and cheese. So juicy and tasty!! Service has gone downhill bigtime though.

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