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All the glory, all the pain, all the hijinks LIVE. Or as close to live as our man in the bunker Andrew Harvey can type. He’s a pretty good typer.

23 November 2009

  1. Pascal · November 23, 2009

    Small place, but coffee and cakes are good. Two (I think) computers also at disposal.

  2. eee · November 23, 2009

    Good service, good smoothies, good oatcakes, bad coffee.

  3. Bad coffee · November 23, 2009

    Bad coffee? There is absolutely no good coffee in St. John’s. I would wager my life on that fact.

  4. SVKS · November 23, 2009

    I like the service and the sandwiches…the coffee is ok
    Could use a few fix ups…otherwise, a nice spot.

  5. Pat · November 23, 2009

    This place is awesome,excellent coffee,great relaxing place.actually I don’t know why the previous people did not enjoy the coffee as it is a high quality brand.prices are more than fair,and the owner and staff r also very friendly.internet access is free with a purchase,what more could one ask for,and locally owned,not a franchaise.i cannot see going to other cafe,s when we have a locally owned one here.

  6. Andrea · November 23, 2009

    Best cinnamon coffee cake I ever had! Not a bad chai latte either :-)

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