1. mr figs · February 21, 2013

    I was super hungry and ordered fishcakes and a pint of draft. When two tiny little rounds arrived on top a leaf of lettuce I was told fishcakes were only an appetizer. I spent twenty bucks and left hungrier than I came. I guess The Ship has spoiled me.

  2. Holly · February 21, 2013

    When the Hearth first opened a few years ago it was great! Unfortunately though the service has gone downhill and the prices have gone up! The food still remains good though in my books. There isn’t much I haven’t tried from their menus. Their irish and newfoundland breakfasts are great. The toutons are always good, when they have them. The beer battered fish and chips is also very very good. They have the best steak and cheese sandwich in the city, in my opinion. I’d steer clear of the fish and brewis though. The fish cakes are good. Moose burgers are amazing. Jiggs dinner pie is another favorite. The french onion soup is really tasty. Like I said it’s all good. It’s just unfortunate that the service isn’t as good and the prices went up…

  3. halibut · February 21, 2013

    The Scope’s 2008 Breakfast Face Off Results:
    $11.23 for traditional breakfast with free coffee refills. Served 11pm – 11am on weekdays and 11pm-12pm on weekends. Recommended breakfast: Celtic Breakfast of fishcakes, toutons beans, meat, eggs and potato pancakes. Price includes tax.

  4. Rummy · February 21, 2013

    Definitely recommended for the wayward stumbler making his/her way off George Street. 24 hours, full menu, and there’s nothing quite like fish, chips, dressing and gravy at 3:30 on a Monday morning.
    Prices are moderate.
    Parking was ample.

  5. George Street · February 21, 2013

    This place sucks. Took 20 mins to clean our table, an hour to get food and then another 20 for cutlery. Maybe they shouldnt be 24 hours if they cant provide the same service later in the night. I do not recommend this restaurant.

  6. greggie · February 21, 2013

    i gotta say, when this place first opened, yeah, it was really great. service and everything was awesome. then something happened..i dont know, was it that other 24 place shutting down, or maybe there was a management mix up…or the cooks all left. but something happened and the place fell apart. the waits got more and more ridiculous, and the service and food. it was just horrible. i remember going several times and waiting for well over an hour and just going home out of it cause we were sick of waiting. sick of the snappy attitudes of the waitresses. I remember getting the wild mushroom soup once when they first opened and it was amazing. unreal tasting. you could pick out and taste several types of mushroom. very delicious. i ordered it again maybe a year later and i am honestly convinced it was a can of campbells. i went so far as to ask the waitress what the heck happened to the soup i was so excited to have again, not having been in newfoundland for a year. she simply replied that different cooks make it different ways. well, i dunno, but if youre going to make it like that, you should just take it off the menu cause it was horrible.


    I have been there several times late late in the past few months and the service has been really great. the food has been more up to par with what the restaurant used to make as well. as loud and abrasive as me and my motely crew were, we had nothing but smiles and light jokes from the staff. suffice to say, until they start giving me food and service like i was getting a year or two ago again, you will never hear me say “the celtic hearth?! no way! that place sucks, lets just go home and make grill cheese”….this restaurant is back where it started: the premium after hours eatery in st john’s with reasonable prices and fairly quick service(considering the drunks, the punks, the lateness, and the business).

    Also, it’s not that bas in normal hours either. i mean, it’s not REALLY REALLY nice, but it’s definately a place you can bring your mother when she’s in town without getting any complaints. And while the yellowbelly has their delicious in-house brews to lure in patrons, i would still go to the celtic hearth for late food. For now, the title of worst service in st john’s goes to the yellowbelly, not the celtic hearth.

  7. Ed · February 21, 2013

    If you are drunk and looking for a feed at 2AM, then you won’t mind the unkempt food.

    Otherwise I wouldn’t plan on dining there, at least not sober with steady vision.

  8. manuel noriega · February 21, 2013

    First off”I hate Subway!!!”there I said it!!!and yes,I do feel better.This place is good ONLY when you are stumbling drunk and NEED something to help weaken the hang-over you are going to get.However I’ve been here sober a number of times trying something different each time and the quality of the food is not on par with the borderline ridiculous prices.

  9. AC · February 21, 2013

    Inconsistent and slow.

  10. Early August · February 21, 2013

    I have to agree that the service has deteriorated since opening; in recent months, this place has been hit or miss for me. The food remains very good, with a nice selection, and the atmosphere is excellent. My 2 most recent experiences were polar opposites: the 1st was slap-dash in terms of service. Our rough, hard-edged waitress seemed more suited to be in a loud, rowdy bar than this restaurant, but the food was enjoyable. My 2nd and most-recent experience was for their Sunday brunch/buffet. Food was quite nice and the service was excellent, with a very attentive friendly waiter. Worth the visit, but I hope that the staff aspect improves.

  11. AOK · February 21, 2013

    i think that everyone should try eating at the celtic hearth in the morning, afternoon or evening (before 10pm) before they bitch about the service anymore. While I agree it’s not always excellent, neither is any other restaurant, 100% of the time. Seriously though, can we really expect that well mannered social butterflies would apply to a job where they have to sleep all day only to serve drunk bitches in tiny dresses and “studs” who are just trying to get in them?? I find it ridiculous that everyone is expecting optimal service at these hours. On another note, there seem to be some issues with the pricing and the cooking staff are very loud which is tacky. But the food is actually awesome (even when you’re not loaded) and before 10pm, the atmosphere is quite nice. Give it a fair try, or stop bitching and hike ‘er two more minutes to subway.

  12. Kayla · February 21, 2013

    Not a huge fan. I’ve only been there in the early morning, though. I guess I should go at a reasonable time. But I really did not enjoy the breakfast. At all. Great staff, though!

  13. Holy Overpriced! · February 21, 2013

    Let’s start off with..I should have read more reviews before going to this place! We arrived and there were a few tables with people but by no means where they busy, we were immediately seated by a waitress who was very nice. We ordered a beer each, an appetizer and my husband had chicken and ribs and I had a salad…and our bill was $78.00!!!! Can you say HOLY FREAKIN OVER PRICED!?!?!?!

    The part that really put this place over the edge was the fact that we told our server that we were ready to leave and requested the bill, and after waiting 20 minutes of watching her tend to others oh and chatting with co-workers, we approched the bar and requested our bill.

    I will say that my salad was really good…but really how hard is it to make a good salad?

    I am sure we could have had a MUCH better meal with BETTER service at any number of other places….


  14. Cindy · February 21, 2013

    While in St. Johns for a few days, we ate in several restaurants around Water Street. Each time we left disappointed, until we discovered the Celtic Hearth. Meals as good as mom would make, great portions, friendly service. We have gone back daily, ordered a different meal each time and loved it each time.
    March, 2010

  15. Dayle · February 21, 2013

    I’m so over this place. So hit or miss, but unfortunately, usually a miss. I had a couple of really nice meals early on when they first opened, and I’ve gone back about 4 or 5 times since those good early experiences. The only good meal since was in the fall of ’09, for lunch. Every other time I’ve been, the food is cooked wrong and/or the order is placed incorrectly and/or the service is incredibly slow or unprofessional. I don’t mind waiting for a GOOD meal. Enough said.

    My advice for this resto:

    1. Gregariousness of servers does not make up for overall poor service. If there are only two other people in the restaurant, it shouldn’t be a big deal to expect your coffee refilled before your (wrong) order arrives.

    2. Eggs aren’t that hard to get right. Neither is a simple order of “2 eggs, 2 fishcakes”

    3. Find a way to brighten the place up in the mornings. I appreciate the dark atmosphere at night, but felt like a bit of a vampire shielding my eyes from the sun after leaving the restaurant at 11:00 AM.

    4. Telling your patrons that their food is late because “the chef fell off his skateboard on the way to work” is just kind of bizarre. I mean…. Really??

  16. Heather · February 21, 2013

    I HAD A HUNK OF *DIRT* in my wrap! My guess: the lettuce was unwashed. I had grit in my mouth for twenty minutes. My boyfriend and I got our rum & cokes, then onion rings (very tasty but holy grease!), and then nada until food came. I loved the flavor of the wrap until I started in on my second half. I approached her, told her the situation and she took my order off the bill snappily. Isn’t seem in the least bit apologetic. A few others in the restaurant but by no means a busy night. I was ready to walk out without paying but I hve a conscience. The other guests behind us in line were equally as unhappy.

    Food an service were both abysmal. I would NOT recommend visiting!

  17. liz · February 21, 2013

    Why are all the eateries in downtown St.John’s so pricy?? I am from Florida, and was recently in town on a convention, and I was amazed on much it was to eat out in this city. I’m not just talking about this place, but every spot I visited in my 3 day trip was way over priced. $30-$35 for a steak entree is too much people, and $3.75 for a small glass of pop. My average bill over 3 nights was $40 for dinner, and let me tell you, nothing to write home about. This was just one downtown spot I visited, so I am generalizing. The restaurants in this city really need to take a step back and recalculate things in my opinion.

  18. Jack B'Nimble · February 21, 2013

    Fish and Chips is the best deal down there b’y…

  19. latenighter · February 21, 2013

    great chicken ceasar salad, and you dont wake up feeling like a bag of shit remembering you ate it – as opposed to when you do the ziggys thing at 2am:-)

  20. Denise · February 21, 2013

    We’ve been eating at this place for a long time, and never been disappointed yet. Croquettes arent as good as they used to be, but the cod au gratin is still awesome. There’s always some little piece of history to catch your eye, and the service is always pretty good.

  21. Jonathan · February 21, 2013

    Always enjoy my food for the most part, but find it incredibly INCONSISTENT! The chowder is usually good but is different literally every time I order it. Same with the chicken alfredo. Wouldn’t mind getting what I expect. Friendly waiters and waitresses though, and a great atmosphere full of history!

  22. Brad · February 21, 2013

    I used to be a regular customer to this place (and brought several people) but now I am starting to go elsewhere simply because the service has gone incredibly downhill over the past while and the food has become woefully inconsistent.

    It’s a crying shame because the place (and Bridie’s…same ownership/mgmt/and share a kitchen) have so much potential to be good bars/pubs/restaurants but yet there is something holding them back. Bridie’s is for another review, but the Celtic Hearth needs a shakeup in terms of front and back of the house staff. And I usually go for lunch/supper, only been there past 2 am once.

    I hope things get better, but it will be a while before I go back.

  23. Brendan · February 21, 2013

    Went there and had the most delicious shepherd’s pie ever! This home-made shepherd’s pie was cheesy, with not too much mashed potatoes, and the tastiest meat. With a pint of Guinness this was the most scrumptious meal ever.

  24. Mmmm food · February 21, 2013

    Every time I go in this place I ask myself what I was thinking. I really don’t care how late it is… If you can’t put out nachos and fries in less than an hour, something needs fixing. After that long of a wait (and it wasn’t even busy) I asked our waiter if we could just get our bills and he was super rude. Not once did he drop by our table to mention the delay. Magically our food appeared right after that. It was ok but I still expect some level of service no matter what time I’m there. I will not be back.

  25. Niki · February 21, 2013

    Have gone here several times at different times of the day (all before 11 pm). It has always been consistently good and the wait stuff is always friendly and attentive.

  26. AJane · February 21, 2013

    I’ve been here countless times at all hours of the day, and save for a single female wait staff ignoring myself and my company for 20 minutes, I’ve loved every visit! The food is good and you get good portions for the prices. I can leave full and content for around 25$-30$, which seems like a good deal to me! I do agree the atmosphere is a little better suited for the eve ing, I still love the decor!

  27. Sarah · February 21, 2013

    I have been here about 7 times (typically between 10 pm and 3 am) and I don’t know why i keep doing it to myself. This place is absolutely HORRIBLE. The service is nonexistent, and most of the time it had nothing to do with how busy it was – one night there were only 2 other tables next to us in the entire restaurant and it took about TWO HOURS to get served?!?!?

    Also – my friend ordered a poutine and I believe it was $13 +tax if I remember correctly. I guess they can continue serving crappy food at a crazy price if they are practically the only 24-hour sit-down restaurant in St. John’s. They’re getting away with murder.

  28. CJ · February 21, 2013

    Love this place so much! Service, food and setting are all wonderful. Their Potato Croquettes are addictive, I swear.

  29. B00sh · February 21, 2013

    Try the blue cheese and bacon burger. Awesome!

  30. serhiy salov · February 21, 2013

    Absolutely abhorrent treatment of customers. I was with a group of 4 people and we were just standing in the corrisor after the meal for 10 second when the manager came and told us : ” You cannot just stand there! please disperse!” in the rudest of ways. Mind you we had left a generous tip to the waiters… I am from MOntreal and no way in my city you can get away running a business in such a rude manner. Shame on you, people of Newfoundland,

    Serhiy Salov

  31. Thomas T. · February 21, 2013

    This place has the Best Fish N Chips… No other Place comes close, The breakfast and desserts are also top shelf… I stopped ordering fish and chips any where else in the world, to save me from the disappointment. The multiple times that myself and/or crew have been there the service has always been friendly and great.
    I live in the USA, so when I get the chance to get back to Newfoundland this restaurant is the 1st and last place I go to eat…

  32. rick/greg · February 21, 2013

    …was the only place in St. Johns that served us a decent breakfast….a price that we could afford..only wish was that they would get real home fries…

  33. Out of sight food critic · February 21, 2013

    I have eaten here about 20 times and yes I realize I am a sucker for punishment! The day staff seems slightly better then the night staff but this review is pertaining to the horrible night staff. When I go there I usually sit at the bar where all you get is an earful of the staff constantly bitching about the patrons they are serving and yes they bitch about you. They will even bitch when they get stiffed on there tip for there terrible surly service.
    The food is just as bad. I have learned over time that the only thing to eat at night that will be half fit to eat is the almost impossible to mess up clubhouse, and that cost more then 15 bucks! I’m to the point where the hotdog venders on George street is a way better option… I’m not joking and if you figure in Ziggy’s its 10 times better!!
    I have learned my lesson and will never go there again. I can certainly do without the primadonnas and frozen microwave overpriced food.