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Saturday, February 17, 2007 I‘m starting to get a bit burnt out. But my father flew into town last night and got up with my 2 year old this morning (5:45am wake up) so I could sleep in. Yay, parents rock. Then once Dad and baby Angus went down for a nap this afternoon I […]

18 February 2007

  1. wally · February 18, 2007

    i though this was one of the worse places i ever ate the fries were over cooked and the cod bites wre under cooked the batter was just awful

  2. Christine · February 18, 2007

    Good fish and chips, but the greasiness was so overwhelming that I was too greased out to finish my meal.

  3. M Seaward · February 18, 2007

    Average fish and chips at a fair price, don’t expect anything special.

  4. me · February 18, 2007

    a 3 star rating…NOT, someone was mistaken when they gave buddy’s fish & chips that rating, the fries are overcooked and the chicken looked like it was pressed with a machine and injected with greese…when i ripped it apart for my son the greese poured out of it..and the costumer service was even worse than the meal…it was my 1st time going there and the very last….I’d go to Ches’s from now on, the meals taste better, the service is great(better than perfect) and we even got clean forks at Ches’s….i can’t rate buddy’s because they need their stars taken away and better staff

  5. me · February 18, 2007

    go to ches’s…you will get better food, service and costumer service…Torbay Rd.

  6. Valued Customer · February 18, 2007

    I don’t understand what these people are talking about. I find compared to Ches’s and Big R that Buddy’s is far better. The fish is white and not overcooked. There chicken is cooked to order and always fresh. Most of the people in this province overcook everything and think its the correct way to cook. Sometimes the fries are overcooked but you get that anywhere. When’s the last time you had great fries at McDonalds or Wendy’s….Come on! My wife and I are always treated well and the food is always good. My wife like things a little dry and if you tell them they will cook it that way for you. For a business that hasn’t been around very long I think they are serving great food and deserve some credit. REMEMBER PEOPLE TAKE OUT FOOD IS JUNK FOOD…. YOU HAVE TO EXPECT SOME GREASE THATS WHY WE EAT IT!!!!!

    BUDDY”S ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!! 10 of 10

  7. hard worker · February 18, 2007

    Had to reply to one of these emails. I work with this guy called “me”. Let’s just say he’s not very reliable. My friends and I eat at Buddy’s regularly and enjoy the food. We have never had a problem and the staff and customer service is above par.

    I have taken my family to Buddy’s and they wouldn’t venture anywhere else for fish & chips or for the rest of the Newfoundland style food.

    You have my compliment’s Buddy! Job Well Done.

  8. Sandra · February 18, 2007

    What a great meal! I eat here all the time and I have never been let down! Service is great – they have this new guy there who is cute as a button. Food was fantastic. Not greasy to me at all considering it is ‘deep fried’.

    Keep up the good work!

  9. Greg · February 18, 2007

    Well i went there a few years ago i think its horrible if itt has changed mangangment or chefs let me know cause ill have to give them a second chance but it was not good when i went there last

  10. Oliver · February 18, 2007

    I eat from Buddy’s regularly and find the food superb. Any problem that has arisen has been dealt with to my satisfaction on a professional and friendly level by management and staff. ROCK ON BUDDY’S.

  11. sweetone · February 18, 2007

    All I can say is YUMMY! I love going to Buddy’s because thier food is wonderful! It is all homemade and you can taste the quality. I agree with valued customer that if you are ordering deep fried food, then of course there is going to be some grease…that is why you order it!

    I wondering if people with negative comments on here are mixing Buddy’s up with Bud’s Family Resturant? That is the only way that I can see where any of these comments make sense because everytime I have eaten at Buddy’s on NFLD Drive it has been awesome.

    Keep it up Buddy!!

  12. chris christopher · February 18, 2007


  13. gary · February 18, 2007

    Don’t know if they are the worst, but they sure are the slowest. We will not go on our lunch break anymore ( 30 min Lunch), becase we know it will not be ready in time to go back to work. We even tried preordering to no avail.

    Unfortunatley I live on the other side of town, so the only time that I would visit here is during Lunch, so we go to Chess’ up the road instead ( Not that that is much of an improvement, but at least they are able to serve quick enough)

  14. Al · February 18, 2007

    Excellent!!!! Gary what you talkin about..they are busy cause its good!

  15. Alison B · February 18, 2007

    Love this place! Woud go everyday if I could – anyone who says anything bad about it are idiots just looking for something to complain about – sheesh!

  16. J · February 18, 2007

    I’ve only ever been there a couple times and I had no problems. Food was good, not overly greasy and the wait wasn’t bad. It was a bit pricey, but nothing worth getting bothered about. Although I have heard from friends who have been there that they’ve had bad experiences. So maybe a certain shift is particularly bad? I’ve never had a problem myself.

  17. matt · February 18, 2007

    they use packaged gravy, ala Mary Brown’s. Very cheap product, very high prices, very slow service — won’t be back, sorry it’s true.

  18. Nicole · February 18, 2007

    This place is terrible. It’s basically cafeteria food. We waited for over a half hour for frozen grocery store food put in the deep fryer. Frozen fries, fish and chicken fingers. The gravy was from a can. The portions were also like other places give you for a childs meal and yet it cost the same. This place should not be serving food, it’s actually awful. NEVER eat there, get your moneys worth at a place where they actually put some effort in to it and use fresh fish and potato. Shame on you!!

  19. Tom · February 18, 2007

    The staff have to stop hanging out at the back of the building and be available when customers enter. Many times I went there and just waited and waited and rang the bell three or four times and no one came. That’s because they’re all out at the back of the building smoking and chillaxin while they should be working. Other then that, when I actually do get someone’s attention, I’m generally pleased with the service and food.

  20. Ryan · February 18, 2007

    Being new to Newfoundland I wanted to try the different places for fish and chips … I have been to ches’s and a few other places … I have to say Buddy’s Fish & Chips is by far the best fish and chips I have had anywhere in Canada. The service was always great and anyone i have turned on to Buddy’s agrees … My first visit there I asked to speak to the cook on that day to tell him how much I enjoyed it and the batter was just perfect and the fish tasted so fresh. Great spot and favourite spot for me to get fish n chips in the city.

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