Vote, voter, vote!

Vote, voter, vote!

Just a reminder for everyone to go vote today, if you haven’t already been inundated by a million reminders. I need reminders for everything. But enough about me. STEP ONE: Find out where to vote. Go to www.elections.ca, enter your postal code, and the magic of the internet will tell you. STEP TWO: If you’re […]

14 October 2008

  1. Ashley · October 14, 2008

    I love Buck Weaver’s grilled cheese sandwich – something so simple yet so delicious! Their french fries are also great, though not as healthy. My only complaint is that on occasion at the Avalon Mall location, the staff are unfriendly or somewhat rude.

  2. Lugosi · October 14, 2008

    Good food, but at a ridiculous price. The worst part about it is the staff. Very unfriendly and seem to hate customers.

  3. Dog Mom · October 14, 2008

    What a rip off! They ran out of the meat that I wanted on my sandwhich and they told me that it was enough for me to have my sandwhich only half covered in chicken. Skimpy on the toppings,sauce was disgusting and today I have diorreah. Never again. I paid $8 for garbage.

  4. Yum · October 14, 2008

    The Village Mall location is excellent. My partner and I go there for after-workout breakfasts fairly regularly and it is always hot, fresh, and delicious.

    The couple who run this location are super friendly, and the Mrs. always remembers just how I like my eggs. Lovely customer service, good food, and a good price.

  5. Not Impressed · October 14, 2008

    the avalon mall location sucks,,,
    the food is fake.. the tomatoes are soggy, and the woman on cash was dirty looking and actually very rude.she slyed when i asked for more napkins (cause i usually do use more than one ) the owner should start with getting cleaner looking staff. WAY overpriced and little selection.

  6. poutine lover xoxo · October 14, 2008

    WELL i went to get a poutine, it costed me 5$. i paid with a 10$. they did not give me any change, and refused to give me any when i asked about it. not only that but the worker almost forgot my drink, and was very cheap on the amount of fries they gave me. it was 70% gravy, 10% fries. not fair, buck’s. not fair.

  7. Honey · October 14, 2008

    They need to clean their grill because it only grills the sandwich on one side. (Avalon Mall Location)