1. Kurt Collins · June 15, 2011

    Best Turkey in town! 1/2 hot Turkey sandwitch is enough, you’ll be stuffed on a full one! price is really reasonable.

  2. Derrick · June 15, 2011

    Hands down, the best cold turkey sandwich around. Service is instant and your made to order is put in the Q. You can see the hustle in the kitchen. The food is definitely worth the wait when it is busy. My only small complaint is that the quality or assembly suffer on the weekends.

  3. Ben · June 15, 2011

    This place was very disappointing. A deli should have other meats besides chicken, turkey and beef. I was expecting pastrami, salami, corn beef, Montreal smoked meat, etc. I ordered a turkey and dressing wrap with small soup for $7.49 and found that I received hardly any food for what I paid. I wouldn’t recommend you ever eat here.

  4. Geoff · June 15, 2011

    Breen’s is great. I worked nearby and ate there almost everyda for four months. The sandwiches are giant, made with real turkey and the soup is like something grandma would make.
    I wish that there were Breen’s in Nova Scotia–it’s one of the things I’ll miss most about St. John’s when I move back.

  5. Shelley · June 15, 2011

    I work near the Breen’s on Logy Bay Road. On days when I forget to bring my lunch from home, or don’t have anything to bring, I go get a sandwich from Breen’s.
    So the convenience factor is there. But that’s about it for me. If I had a longer lunch break I would go elsewhere.
    The sandwiches are meat only, not even a poor piece of lettuce or paper-thin tomato slice to be seen. I don’t have any health issues related to sodium intake but I find all of their sandwiches too salty – maybe there’s just too much meat on them? I usually choose beef or ham sandwiches but have gotten a turkey or turkey/dressing sandwich before but they are just way too salty. All the sandwiches have too much mayo – the egg salad sandwich looks like more mayo than egg and so I haven’t ever tried that one. I prefer mustard but rarely see it there on any sandwiches, not even to compliment the mayo. Whole wheat bread is sometimes available, but not always. I think I’d faint if I ever saw multi-grain bread at Breens. I’ve also wanted to buy a snack there that wasn’t chips or a bar but have never been able to get a banana, apple, orange or anything similar. Even gas stations have bananas for gawdsakes!
    A few weeks ago, after another lunch break where I had the choice to either go hungry or go get a Breen’s sandwich (I choked back a Breens in the end), I went home that night and made a casserole and brought portions of it to work to put in the freezer. I’d rather eat a leftover and possibly freezer-burned tomato/pasta/cheese/beans dish than choke down another badly made sandwich.
    No doubt that many of their regulars, especially in this industrial area of town, are manly men that love lots of meat – and only meat – on their sandwiches. They’re likely catering to the bulk of their current clientele. However, they may gain some new clientele if they were more true to the name they chose for their business – a bakery (with more than white & sometimes whole wheat bread) and delicatessan (with more than turkey/beef/ham).

  6. Vanessa Mary · June 15, 2011

    Complete and utter crap of a lunch. They used to have actual hand cut and yummy french fries but have since dumbed them down to friggin McCain Superfries to go along with their poorly executed and completely boring sandwiches.

  7. Turkey Man · June 15, 2011