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20 June 2006

  1. M Seaward · June 20, 2006

    Great place to grab a slice late at night. Slices are large and there is a nice selection of soft drinks too.

  2. Ed · June 20, 2006

    lucky if you get your delivery on the same day,,, I would like to give a minus 5 star rating

  3. Megs · June 20, 2006

    Great selection of foods between salads, different kinds of pizzas & donairs. Tastes great too.

  4. Jordan · June 20, 2006

    I love Big Bite pizza, and I find their crust recipe to be the best I’ve had, very elastic. Not rubbery, but difficult to describe. I’d call it snappy and chewy.

    I have had some issues with ordering over the phone, however. On one occasion my pizza order was messed up, even though I was careful to enunciate my instructions, as well as to repeat them. Because the pizza had been made correctly according to the order card, however, they would not replace the pizza.

    The resolution to the issue was not ideal, either. A medium pizza was supplied free of charge to replace the half of a 24″ pizza which was in error, but I was charged another $5 delivery fee.

    It was a reasonable solution to the problem, and I did appreciate the effort on their part, but I came out of the situation feeling like they didn’t really believe I had ordered the pizza correctly, and 5 dollars more out of pocket than I wanted to be, which soured the whole experience for me.

    Overall though, I would definitely recommend that you give the pizza a try, just be sure to have them read back the order if you call for delivery.

  5. john · June 20, 2006

    The food was crap….I will never order there again. Pizza not cooked. Contacted them to discuss and they basically called me a liar. Never again!

  6. Andy · June 20, 2006

    I once liked to order their pizza …. Until one day I walked and found a young server sitting on the prep table with his hand down his pants, scratching his “arse”! He then proceeded to assist the pizza out of the oven…

    Needless to day, I u-turned right out of there. Let us pray this was a one time thing..

  7. albert · June 20, 2006

    I have been eating here for as long as I can remember. Their pizza is delicious, they have a huge variety of software drinks including Jones/Pepsi products/ pop shoppe, and on top of this, they make incredible donairs. Haven’t had any of the problems that other people on here have had before. They are open late which is great when you need pizza for a party. My favorite pizza spot in town!

  8. joe · June 20, 2006

    HUGE slices and its quality