B and B Snack Bar

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27 Blackmarsh Road, St. John’s, NL
Eat in, take out, and delivery.

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10 Reader Reviews of B and B Snack Bar

(9 positive, 1 negative)
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    Overall Rating55555
    gregnl Says:

    wonderful food chicken fish its all good. its so gooooooood

  2. avatar
    Overall Rating44444
    jj Says:

    best onion rings in the city. hot, fresh food.

  3. avatar
    Overall Rating44444
    bw Says:

    best hamburgers! homemade (or they certainly seem like it) and nice buns, yum!

  4. avatar
    Overall Rating44444
    Nire Says:

    Great stuff! Good variety on the menu!
    Seems like the quality and service has improved since they closed over winter and re-opened this spring. In any case I’m happy with it!

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    Overall Rating44444
    M Seaward Says:

    Best wedges in town, far better than Mary Brown’s. Everything else is typical of local take-outs. I’d recommend sticking to the wedges.

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    Overall Rating44444
    Keith Says:

    Love the wedge poutine! Just moved here and cant wait to try everything on the menu!

  7. avatar
    Overall Rating44444
    Erin Says:

    They don’t do poutine anymore! :(

  8. avatar
    Overall Rating11111
    Erin Says:

    Update: they’re closed now, and a Chinese restaurant has taken over.

  9. avatar
    Overall Rating44444
    Bunny Says:

    They are open in a new location – 104-108 Park Avenue in Mount Pearl.
    Amazing wedges!!

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    Overall Rating44444
    Bee Says:

    For a place that sells deep fried everything, they are what they are and that is pretty awesome :)

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