1. Anjasa · April 8, 2012

    I’ve been to the Annexe three times now, and every time the food has been excellent, the servers have been diligent and friendly, and the atmosphere has been very welcoming.

    The inside of the restaraunt is done up, and it’s absolutely lovely now with very comfortable seating.

    I had the thai chicken wrap, and the caeser salad and both were awesome.

    It’s a little bit pricey for a lunch spot (around $15+tip) but the portion sizes are good and the staff is awesome. I haven’t been for dinner, but I definitely feel that it’s a nice place to treat myself once in a while.

  2. Craig · April 8, 2012

    I’ve been to the Annexe several times, lunch, dinner before and after hockey games and have NEVER had a bad meal. The food is fantasic, the atmosphere amazing and the owners and staff a delight.

    Thai Chicken Wrap and Caesar salad my favorite lunch meal. I had steak and pasta just two nights ago and it was amazing.

    The carrot ginger soup is also go to “warm me up” choice.

    I’d reccomend it, and have, to anyone.

  3. Annonymous · April 8, 2012

    This place is amazing. I’ve been there for Lunch, Dinner & also later at night for pub food. Staff & owners are excellent, food is amazing. Love the atmosphere. The lounge upstairs is great as well when they have DJ’s. Very unique spot, highly recommended.

  4. Richard Park · April 8, 2012

    I have been to this new restaurant several times. I have had both of the steaks on the menu, as well as many other items. The strip-loin is one of the best I have had, and the “special rub” they put on it is just delectable! Their pizza is homemade and better than any gourmet style pizza in the city. Their wings and the nachos are FANTASTIC! You can get the nachos with a great chili on top, or re-fried beans, and many other toppings. They make their own tortilla chips too! Almost everything on the menu seems to be gluten free, and the staff are not only super nice, but also extremely accommodating. They have live musicians sometimes, and the bar upstairs has good DJ’s on the weekends. Highly recommended!

  5. Matthew · April 8, 2012

    If you’re in the restaurant business, PLEASE put up your menu online (including prices). If you can’t afford a website, there is no reason why you can’t create a page on Facebook. I’d love to try this place but I don’t want to drive all the way out there (from CBS) just to learn the menu doesn’t appeal to me.

  6. D · April 8, 2012

    Take a chance, it’s worth it.

  7. Allison · April 8, 2012

    Pretty nice spot. My friend and I went here and had the Valentine’s special. I’ve yet to check out a DJ show but I’ve heard amazing things. FYI, you can view their menu here: http://www.urbanspoon.com/r/235/1635555/restaurant/Atlantic-Provinces/Annexe-Resto-St-Johns

  8. Steve · April 8, 2012

    Had the misfortune of being invited here a while ago. Ordered a steak thinking that’s hard to screw up, received a well done, paper-thin steak straight out of the freezer that was advertised as a 10oz ribeye and ordered medium rare.

    The fries on the side were ok, but the ginger carrots had a peculiar flavour and were cooked until they turned into mush.

    Don’t eat here.

  9. rik · April 8, 2012

    i think the people who rate this resturant high must work there or own it…. basic basic basic……never had such thin wings…. steak paper thin

  10. dylan · April 8, 2012

    Tried this resturant again last night. Why is the srvice so slow…it took an hour and fifteen to get any food… the pasta is pasta… hard to fool up but the wings … just dont bother… go to westside marios if you want wings and nachos. At 12 for wings(8 tiny offerings\) and 15 for the larg nachos which were tiny compared to other bars offering this style of food it was very pricey. The menue is basic but the pricing is not….

  11. JennyLou · April 8, 2012

    We tried this resto for the first time because we had purchased a groupon. I was expecting the worst based on some of the recent reviews but my experience was quite dirrerent. The service was a little slow but not bad. The house wine was quite good and reasonably priced. We ordered onion rings for our first course and they were homemade, hot and excellent. I ordered a veggie/chicken pasta dish for my main and it was delicious. My partner ordered nachos and they were fine – hot and fresh. The portions were generous. The atmosphere is very nice, casual but elegant. It’s not the best restaurant in St. John’s but it’s quite acceptable in every way.

  12. Mary · April 8, 2012

    I would prefer to give this restaurant 0 stars but you don’t permit that option. It would better describe the experience here. Poor from start to finish. The only positive is it looks nice and bright when you walk in. Food and Service was just terrible.

  13. Cathy · April 8, 2012

    August 10 – 2012

    My mom and I enjoyed a delicious lunch at the “Annexe Resto” and definitely will return. The grilled salmon salad with the citrus dressing was absolutely delicious and plenty of food for lunch. We shared an amazing grande marnier mouse – which was very light and tasteful.(yummy) Our waitress was very friendly and attentive. The chef and sous chef visited our table and we also received a tour of the Resto. The locat art displayed is fantastic.
    I would certainly rate this Resto 5 stars.

  14. Katie · April 8, 2012

    You really don’t get what you pay for. I payed 14.00 for 4 scallops. 4 tiny scallops!! I know it was just an app, but I thought I’d at least get 6. Ridiculous. Also had the seafood pasta, it was ok, although the seafood in it (scallops, shrimp, cod and salmon) didn’t taste very fresh. I personally think the menu could use more items. On the plus side though, there was nice presentation with the meals and the decor was really modern and hip, but it was sooo warm in the restaurant, we had to take our food out to the patio.

  15. Allie · April 8, 2012

    Lacking in variety (a small, somewhat odd menu) and availability of items (out of lots the last time I was there) It’s like they’re trying really hard to be something they aren’t. Been twice but I won’t be returning.

  16. Britt · April 8, 2012

    Awful place. I had the awful experience of meeting the owner aswell, Who is very unprofessional and quite rude to me.

    I will never go there again.

  17. Terrrible! · April 8, 2012

    Some of the worst service I have experianced! The staff (including the owner) were very rude and made us feel like we were inconviencing them (from their hanging out and eating at the bar) by being there. Took forever to get our food. Not only did I leave feeling disappointed, but actually angry at how me and my friends were treated! This restaurant seems like it was opened by someone with no experience and just hired a bunch of friends to work there. Also, the price was WAY to high for what we received.

  18. Leslie T · April 8, 2012

    Used a Groupon with the evening menu. Service was excellent and friendly. The food was excellent as well. Steak was cooked nicely. Pasta was delicious.
    One problem to warn you about that isn’t exactly the fault of the restaurant but will taint the experience is that if you park early on George street and stay past 6 pm you will get $30 parking ticket.
    We were from out of town and didn’t know this. Nothing marked on the meters themselves. Might be a nice gesture for the restaurant to post or tell the early birds this.

  19. Robert · April 8, 2012

    We had a truly horrid experience here. Usually I am very forgiving of restaurants if they are busy, staff is frantic, or there are circumstances to be be considered. We walked in at supper time to an empty restaurant, save a table of two elderly people. We were told to sit anywhere, so owe chose a booth. The table wasn’t wiped down and had parsley all over it. The waitress was friendly enough. Took her a while to ask for a drink order, but we never really thought much of it. We were chatting and discussing how we liked that the restaurant hosted local artists’ pieces with sale prices. After a prolonged wait, she asked for our order. The menu is fairly small; perhaps a dozen items. Most of the mains were pasta, with half the overall menu being chicken, the other half seafood.

    I ordered a fettuccine alfredo with chicken, my girlfriend ordered a caeser salad with chicken. 40 minutes later, we still had no food. The waitress came out and told us the cook ran out of chicken during lunch and it would be yet another 30 minute wait. She was, again, pleasant-but was not at all apologetic about having us wait for 40 minutes for simple meals and having to wait another 30 to get them.

    We decided to change our order to a few quick apps so we could eat fast and get out. I ordered the soup (fairly decent african peanut soup) and she stayed with the salad, but asked for no chicken. She asked if she would be charged full price, as there was no chicken. We were assured the cost would be reduced. The soup should have been simmering, unless they cook it by the bowl to order. The salad should have taken no time at all. The other table was served by now, we had been waiting and the food should have been on the table in minutes. nearly 30 minutes later she gave us our food. Starved and irate ( we should have left and kept regretting staying), we ate our food and left. After we were gone, we realized that nothing was discounted.

    We tipped the standard rate, as the girl was at the mercy of the incompetent cook, but after we left, it really stewed with us that, while pleasant, she treated the whole affair as if it was a normal occurrence, not so much as an “I’m sorry”.

    If this was an off night, we will never know as they will not get our business again.

  20. Dan · April 8, 2012

    Well, it’s not the best restaurant in town, but I don’t really think they are trying to compete with Raymonds or Biancas.

    On one occasion I had the nachos, which where relatively small, but far better than your typical pub nachos, and an order of wings, which were not the best, but certainly better than your average franchise. The service was fine, nothing special, but nothing to complain about.

    On another visit, I had the stuffed jalapenos and steak as a main. My date had the scallops and lamb. The food was all excellent, despite a little longer than average wait time. However we did come in with out a reservation on a busy night. Service again was just fine, especially considering the waitress was working a few large tables. Dessert was a cheesecake of some kind, with a liquor I can recall. Total bill came in under 200, even after a few round of drinks. (bottle of wine, couple of beers and 2 martinis)

    This is the perfect little go between fine dinning and jungle jims, better than average food in a relaxed atmosphere. The price was not out of line, and matched what I would expect based on the food, service, and atmosphere. If you want things to be perfect, go spend 500 at Raymonds, if you want it to be cheap, go to JJ’s, if you want wear your jeans, but not have to hear staff rendition of a happy birthday ripoff, Annexe is a good choice.

    Only complaint I have was a very rude and loud patron sat at the bar, who seemed to know the staff. He walked in to the kitchen on multiple occasions, he was very intoxicated,and at one point interrupted me for no reason and asked if I wanted to buy a house?