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RPM Challenge Newfoundland and Labrador
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Unofficial RPM listening party on WAM (Day one)

Mar 5, 2011

Elling Lien and Damian Lethbridge choose a few cuts from the almost 100 new albums produced by Newfoundland and Labrador artists as part of the 2011 RPM Challenge. An unofficial RPM Challenge listening party on CBC Radio One’s Weekend Arts Magazine.

Featuring music by The Drows, The Modern Archetypes, Wish & Flo, AM/FM Dreams, The Finkle Warner Graham Sing Wells Emke Cuff Project, Searcher, Other People, Nicolas Trnka and St. John’s Ukulele Orchestra.

RPM Challenge listening party on WAM (Day One) by thescopeNL

Want to hear more? Tune in to our NL RPM Challenge stream at http://thescope.ca/rpmradio or come to the listening parties on April 2 at CBTG’s and The Levee.

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10 Responses

  1. avatar
    peter Says:

    any word on the new counter destroyer album?

  2. avatar
    antlea Says:

    @thescopenl Whattaya mean UNofficial????

  3. avatar
    Elling Lien Says:

    It has been received and it is awesome! You have sax on there!

  4. avatar
    Elling Lien Says:

    Haha.. Since we can’t listen to a cut from each album that makes it unofficial. :) Equality!

  5. avatar
    pat Says:

    NICOLAS TRNKA! Awesome sauce!

  6. avatar
    Jenina Says:

    Yes – Nicolas Trnka rocks!! (signed, his completely impartial mom – brag brag) Congrats to everyone who completed the challenge. Great stuff here!

  7. avatar
    Jenina Says:

    ps: re the age question this morning, he was 11 last month :)

  8. avatar
    Shawn Says:

    Way to Go Niki Trnka!!
    Loving the tunes, keep it up!
    ; )

  9. avatar
    Clash Contrast Says:

    Clash Contrast 2011


    Love both of the first WAM / CBC programs. An appreciated listen!
    Kudos to all artists who participated in 2011, from Newfoundland and Labrador!

    Contact Clash at Key Contrast chmr 93.5 fm / mun
    for live interview opportunities, and album single spins in March, April, May or June…2011.
    Send me your demos to air on 93.5 fm!
    c/o clashcontrast@live.com
    Key Contrast ft Clash 5-7 pm Tuesdays

  10. avatar
    Elling Lien Says:

    An awesome weird album you’ve got there, Clash.