“Sunny Day” by Goldwithy

Feb 23 2012

“Sunny Day” by Goldwithy
RPM Challenge is a great time to break out of your creative shell and explore some new sonic terrain. That’s what well known Corner Brook musician Daniel Payne did last February when he recorded his 2011 album The Lonesome Wind under the alias Goldwithy. Ordinarily, Daniel would be found playing traditional style fiddle and accordion and with great proficiency at that, however The Lonesome Wind finds Daniel doing everything but the expected. The record begins with a short mandolin instrumental cleverly tilted “Mandolynne” and then morphs into some Dead Can Dance style electro-world music with “120”. “Balloon Ninjas” is a short tribute to 8-bit video game music which turns out to be a reoccurring theme with track eight “Return of Balloon Ninjas” and closing track “Waltz of the Balloon Ninjas”. The video game theme continues with “Lazer Rap” Daniel’s hilarious rap homage to old school consoles which he seems to have consistently discovered at his cousins house. The Lonesome Wind also contains some beautifully simplistic songs such as the Daniel Johnston-esque “Let’s Dance” and the soulful “Couldn’t Love Her”, my favorite from the record. The obscurity returns with “Shena” which sound like Springsteen backed up by a Casiotone set to Morris Day and The Time. Today’s track “Sunny Day” is a nice summary of the entire album, quirky 80’s style synth-based pop, cleverly arranged and evocatively delivered. Goldwithy’s The Lonesome Wind is an RPM classic worth checking out and a great inspiration for RPMers to think outside of your normal frame of musical context and just go for it.


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