“Pickled Onions (But Who Don’t Like to Rock?)” by Jack E.Tar

“Pickled Onions (But Who Don’t Like to Rock?)” by Jack E.Tar

The elusive Jack E.Tar has recorded a double shot of RPM records and is back again in 2012 for round three. Jack blew RPM listeners away in 2010 with his RPM debut Tempered, a superbly executed slice of surrealistic alt-rock. In 2011 he completed an album effect laden guitar experiments entitled Symphonic Affective Disorder. What does The Jack E.Tar have planned for this year? Here’s a little Q&A I did with him.

What motivated you to get involved with RPM?
The money and prestige of course.

Where will you be recording this year and using what set-up?
Mostly at home using my PC based Protools setup with an M-Audio Delta card. Got a nice new virtual instrument trigger around X-Mas….gonna be fun times!

Will you be writing the material in February as well or do you have songs ready to record?
This to me SHOULD be the challenge… Write AND record an album (10 songs/35 minutes) in the month of February. What’s the fun of spending 11 months or longer, getting an album ready to track? Any ol’ artist could do that.

Do you have any particular concepts or ideas you want to explore on your RPM 2012 album?
Nope. I guess we’ll see what February holds in cold storage.

Where do you generally draw inspiration from during RPM for song ideas and lyrics?
It changes from track to track, day to day. Actually, I see a looming deadline as the most inspirational part of all.

Any advice for new RPMers?
Be prepared to lose some sleep.

Today’s track “Pickled Onions (But Who Don’t Like to Rock?)” is from Jack E.Tar’s 2010 RPM debut Tempered. Check out Jack’s other great albums at the links below



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