“More Distracted” by Georgie & JoMo

Here we go, our first official post-February, RPM 2012 Track of the Day comes to us from Georgie & JoMo.

Last year this husband and wife duo stunned us with their trip-hop tinted, electronic masterpiece Half-Life. This year they’ve upped the ante with their 2012 RPM album Mixtape, which kind of sounds exactly like… well a mixtape.

“Initially we were thinking of calling it Disconnection, because it was a recurring theme in all the tracks but felt it was a little dark. Where there is a ‘connection’ of these ‘disconnected’ themes, it felt like an old school mixtape. You know, the type you made back in the day with a bunch of styles but you identify a common thread.”

While the album retains heavy electronic elements it also pulls from a diverse array of other genres. Most recognizable are leanings toward rock which makes sense considering that George (Newman) and Joanne (Morgan) have been playing in local rock bands like The Reluctant Showmen, Wolves and most recently The Up Aboves for a number of years now. Songs like “Bursting Bubbles” and “This Time Around” are essentially fuzzed out, guitar based rockers which could easily be translated to a full band live setting.

The record also features Joanne’s solid drumming on half of its ten tracks, again pushing their sound “further into the organic” as George stated was one of their goals in an earlier interview this month. Several of the new songs also find Georgie joining JoMo on vocals such as “Far Too Long” and the lovely Magnetic Field’s-esque “Goodnight Avalon” which was written for their friend and fellow RPMer Stanley Avalon of Crystal City Printing Press.

Mixtape also features some remixes of songs featured earlier on the album. “Far Too Long” reoccurs as “Even Further” and “Distracted” gets revisited as today’s track, “More Distracted”.

I could easily go on and on about how amazing Georgie & JoMo’s Mixtape is, from Joanne’s killer, powerhouse vocals to George’s masterful musicianship, production and mixing skills, but you be better informed by listening to this incredible new RPM 2012 for yourself.

I’m also excited about the fact that Georgie & JoMo will be playing their first live shows (as Georgie & JoMo) March 31st at The Ship with Patch, Worker, Physical Patrick, Russtafari and Outlandaa. An event not to be missed.



  1. Allan · August 17, 2011


    no suprise….last years was great

    so good!!!

  2. Derrick · August 17, 2011

    Outstanding material! I really think ” More Distracted” has everything needed to be a great song and have a lot of broad appeal. That is special.

    Great review as well..

    Want to see them play live!

  3. Feltham · August 17, 2011

    Another awesome RPM! Between the Georgie & JoMo RPM’s, The Reluctant Showmen and their work with The Wolves, and Japan Batteries, you have two of the greatest pop musicians in NL

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