Free workshop this Sunday: Songwriting for Fun and Profit (well, just fun really)

Mathias Kom of The Burning Hell

Never written a song before? No problem. Mathias Kom of The Burning Hell will help you get started writing your RPM album, covering creative tips and tricks on how to write something out of nothing, overcoming shyness and writer’s block, and unleashing your inner songwriting tiger-face. Sunday, February 5 at 2pm. Free and open to all. For location and to register, please email

Here’s some more from Mathias about the workshop:

This is all dependent on what size of group shows up and what the general experience level is, but I thought I would start by giving an overview of what songwriting is and can be, in an attempt to broaden some horizons and get people thinking outside of whatever box they might be stuck in. Then I’m planning to talk about some different starting points — strategies for getting motivated and inspired. I’ll probably talk a little about writing words vs. music and give some general examples of song structures. Lastly I’d really like to at least start to write a song collectively.