Our Lady Peace – Burn Burn

Our Lady Peace
Burn Burn
(Coalition Entertainment)
It seems in recent years Raine Maida, leader singer of CanRock staples Our Lady Peace has been taking vocal coaching to tame the adnoidal fury of his voice into more of a mid-range, modern-rock-radio-friendly croon. This is unfortunate. While in the early days listening to him sing was akin to piercing your septum with a burning drill bit, at least it made the band a bit distinctive. When their old songs would come on the radio, you would say “Oh! it’s that heinous singer from Our Lady Peace!” Nowadays he’s been watered down to sub-Chris Martin boring. You don’t know if you’re listening to Our Lady Peace or some new Rob Thomas track. The songs on this album are so middle of the road, so painfully uninspired, that desite all the uplifting lyrics about how “the sky is blue” and how “we all have wings” you might find yourself wishing someone would shove him down a flight of stairs, just to get some kind of interesting response from him.

Patrick Canning

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  1. Chris · January 30, 2013

    This review is dead on. This is a bland album.