Mega Man 9

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Nintendo controllers used to cost about fifteen bucks to replace, so it was okay to throw them. With all of this wireless business, it’s a different story today. If you used to huck the ol’ two button across the room, this may not be the game for you.

And that’s because Capcom did everything right here.

It’s not a matter of just replicating the style of the old Mega Man games (the bosses and the level design and the fucking music that everyone’s so concerned about.) What’s really important for a sequel like this is how the game feels when you play it: Does it feel like a Mega Man game?

You bet your ass it does.

Not only are the controls well matched, but the littlest things that the posers would never recognize are in there: If you travel an inch too far to the left or right, the fiddler crab, or octopus, or whatever you just blasted will be there again. Even the way things nearby used to blink in and out of focus when you died back in the day—which was a graphical setback at the time—it’s in there.

The difficulty is intact too.

My first half-an-hour with the game I said, “it’s too fucking hard.” But I’ve played too many games with checkpoints and quicksaves over the last decade. Mega Man 9 is a game in which timing and patience means everything—just like it used to be.

— Paul Warford


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7 May 2013

  1. Andrew Pike · May 7, 2013


  2. Jeremy Schultz · May 7, 2013

    You’re right, it’s too f***ing hard. I played all the Mega Man games as a kid, and Mega Man 1 was the hardest, but this one is easily twice as hard and the difficulty is way overdone.