Heartsrevolution – Switchblade EP

US release Oct 21, 2008 (iheartcomix)

Okay, the preamble before the actual review involves a little storytelling which should begin with frontwoman Lo’s decision to buy an ice cream truck, adding a coat of pink paint, dubbing it “Heartschallenger” and taking to the streets distributing art, mixed tapes and international confections, all the while pumping the band’s original sounds over the speaker system.

(I know, it sounds perfect already, but the story only gets better.)

On the heels of their much-hyped debut single/mission statement “C.Y.O.A.” Heartsrevolution’s Switchblade EP is soon to be available in North America with a slightly different track list than its limited edition UK pressing. Unfortunately, the anthemic “Ultraviolence” was cut from this version, but there promises to be no shortage of dance-inducing electro-thrash that is more punk rock in essence than most of what is filed into the genre nowadays.

D.I.Y. ethos, the new new wave, and the sound of now. Expect big things!

If you need a reference point, think Crystal Castles with a little more heart—no pun intended—and various shades of pink.


— Rachel Jean Harding


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