RIP BTJunkie

If you are a torrent downloader chances are you have downloaded a file or two from Created in 2005, BTJunkie had acuminated nearly 4,000,000 active torrents with over 4,000 torrents added daily before being shut down in February of 2012, making it the 5th largest Bit Torrent site. The closure of BTJunkie was voluntarily in response to the closure of the Mega websites (upload, video and let’s not forget porn) and the legal action against The Pirate Bay. It seems as if the FBI and the U.S Government has declared war against the online file sharing and media streaming community and websites can either try to fight the good fight or back down, which are both very difficult decisions. Two websites that have refused to back down are RapidShare and Mediafire. Both have decided to distance themselves from Megaupload, and are harping on the legitimacy of their business model. On the other hand, the websites Videozer and Videobb have disabled all user accounts and deleted all videos uploaded to protect themselves against the backlash.

One thing cannot be denied, the United States has a strong hold of the popular culture market. With the majority of music, movies, TV shows and sporting events coming from the US, the government and the media companies affected by online downloading and streaming feel a need to protect their assets. File sharing and media streaming websites need to protect themselves as well by either standing up to the government in hopes to come to some sort of reasonable conclusion or conforming to the rules and regulations laid out by congress. In a perfect world; file sharing and online media streaming would be provided in a way in which everyone gets a piece of the pie and no one has to suffer losses and consequences of the act. Perhaps when that day comes sites like BTJunkie can make a comeback, as of now we are left with another casualty of the online file sharing war.

Rant by Dooling

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“Hanging around the harbourside, waiting to film some footage for Global National of the Leonard J. Cowley arriving with the rescued Spanish fishermen. Guys working the nearby boats kept asking me about my camera… Strangers seem to love to talk about cameras, even if they don’t know a thing about them.” Photo by Brian Williams.

15 March 2009

  1. Lanie Doe · March 15, 2009

    I miss BTJunkie so much.

    However, if you arent on it already, try Demonoid…It has a great selection of all sorts of things.

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