No Pets

Illustration by Ricky King

St. John’s oh beautiful city! Why doth thou have such expensive “no pets allowed” rentals! Having lived in Vancouver and Toronto in the past 5 years I am shocked to find that rental prices are so high here. A clean decent one bedroom apartment in a city with a population of a couple hundred thousand should not be over $1000 plus utilities. These apartments are not huge, not glamorous, they are standard basement apartments. How do you St. John’s expect your citizens to better themselves – to save money to buy a house and contribute financially more to the city if we are paying such absurd amounts for rent!

On top of that only a quarter of the apartments allow pets! What is this! A low to mid level income family cannot own pets? Do we not too deserve the joy of their company? Are we not equally as responsible and competent for the care of these animals as someone with a higher income! Pets are family and shame on you slum lords for trying to banish them from our lives. Shame on you citizens for not crying out to the community to change the Residential Tenancies Act! Perhaps the SPCA wouldn’t be so over run if people were allowed to keep their pets when they moved!

St. John’s landlords I beg of you lower that rent a hundred dollars and allow pets, your tenants will be happier – and probably respect you and stay longer because of it! You don’t need to gouge your neighbour for their last dollar, and take away their best friend. Be reasonable landlords – St. John’s is supposed to be a friendly city but I see greed in every rental advertisement I read.

Rant by Almost Homeless