Expensive loss

So, I had to do the whole euthanasia process on my cat yesterday. He was a real good buddy to me and was there for me through a tough period in my life. I only had him for a year and a half. My first pet, I got him when he was a kitten and he kept me company in my apartment. Just me and him. On Monday everything was normal and he was fine. On Tuesday morning I woke up and he was lying on the kitchen floor making horrible noises, clearly in pain, his belly swollen, his little back legs wouldn’t hold him up and he had puked everywhere. I rushed him to the vet and they told me he had gone into kidney failure…nothing I could do really, it’s genetic. I signed a form consenting to the euthanasia and left. I couldn’t bear to kiss him goodbye. It was unreal how quickly it all happened. Anyway Im pissed because it’s also unreal that it cost me $380.00 to kill my cat. It was an automatic $200.00 for the euthanasia, automatic $100.00 for the “emergency” because I didn’t have an appointment (it was 10am and the vet was open), $50.00 for the “consultation” and tax. What a big fat fucking deluxe rip off. Fuck you veterinarians, you heartless priks.

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18 August 2013

  1. j · August 18, 2013

    This happened to me over the summer. Kidney stones with my cat – I had only adopted him 4mths earlier and he was already the king of the house.
    Not only did it cost me an arm and a leg to actually have him put down, but before I had come to that decision, the vet *told* me I should check him into their emergency ward for 2 weeks. Hook him up to a bunch of tubes, have painful (potentially useless) surgery to temporarily fix the issue and start a life long special food program.
    After I had found out the $6000 initial cost for this option and had to turn to my furry friend to say good-bye, that I simply could not afford this, the vet looked me dead in the eye and told me to get a credit card. I was so devastated about everything that I had to just walk out. Heart in hand.


    If these people seriously cared, there should be some financial plans/exceptions/understanding.
    Clearly caring for an animal and having healthy pets is now only an option for the rich. Apparently you cant even have them go in peace any longer.

    Sorry about your cat, I know it sucks and shit like this is why people loose faith in the human compassion.

  2. P.Tux · August 18, 2013

    There was as story about this issue just recently.


    The council reversed a policy in which the city covered the cost to euthanize your pet.

    Sorry to read about your loss.

  3. t. decker · August 18, 2013

    don’t buy animals till you can afford them. lesson learned.
    same applies for children.

  4. HULK · August 18, 2013


  5. andrew · August 18, 2013

    There’s actually fairly simple solutions to all this non-sense.

    If you look at the pharmacy association ‘alpha group’ based here in st. john’s it will provide a perfect template for vets all around town.

    Alpha group is an organization that gets together to buy pharmaceuticals and such products in bulk to lower the cost of purchasing the needed products. It is made up of several privately owned pharmacies in town and has made it possible for these pharmacies not only to compete with bigger name pharmacies but to also match (and in some cases beat) the prices of other box store/ meds-r-us/drug-marts.
    At least this is my understanding of what it is.
    It was started by a man named Neil Curtis.

    If vets had a heart, they’d look into something like this. Maybe they have? but then again, the prices really don’t show it.

    My dog had a bad cough for a good while and we called to see about an appointment… the message on the machine told us it was 25$ for a telephone consultation with a vet. Turned out it was just kennel cough and went away in a month.

    Talking to my cousin a little while later he told me the same thing happened to his little beast and it cost him 500 bucks and upward just for the information and a few pills that took the cough away approximately one week earlier than my dogs stupid sniffles.

    I know people who have said if they were to get another animal they would not take it to the vet for anything ever again, other than unavoidable emergencies. They also insinuated that the vet was probably the biggest problem. But we won’t get into that.

    Sorry to hear about your cat.

  6. andrew · August 18, 2013

    That’s the same thing I say about grandparents.

  7. Anonymous · August 18, 2013

    The plus side of this (and I’m not necessarily talking about euthanasia here) is that animals in Canada can get far quicker and more efficient treatment than human beings. Hurray for universal healthcare!

  8. emptyhouse · August 18, 2013

    “j”. I think we had the exact same vet…..I have the exact same story. And T. decker, while I appreciate where you’re coming from…I CAN afford a pet. I CANT afford multiple thousands of dollars in surgeries to keep him alive. Not many people can.