Eat Local

Illustration by Ricky King

If I hear another person say that “a particular downtown steakhouse chain” is the best restaurant in town again, I think I’ll be sick. Not trying to put down this place…it is a really good place to eat…but someone said to me recently (and I couldn’t agree more) that it is the McRestaurant of fine dining.
More to the point, there are sooo many fantastic restaurants in and around town that are run by, owned by, and/or created by locals. They use the freshest local ingredients, as well as imported favourites…and most have a very unique style, while still creating a menu that will appeal to almost everyone.
These local gems offer spectacular dishes, in beautifully decorated atmospheres, at a price comparable to the high end chain restaurants, while contributing to the success of your neighbour.
Again, those chain restaurants are good…they became chains for a reason…but I can’t understand why more people don’t celebrate the vast talent that our local chefs offer to us all. They live and breathe local cuisine, and it shows.
So…I urge you all…the next time somebody suggests any of the chain restaurants found around our great city, try suggesting a locally owned restaurant. They want your business. They deserve your business. And I can guarantee that they will get your repeat business.

Rant by Greg Clarke