Confederation Blues

Does anybody else think that $40,000,000+ is a bit much for renovations on the Confederation Building? Let’s change/tint all the windows PC blue, and when another party eventually gets in, they’ll spend another $40,000,000+ to change the windows/tinting to their colour. The only benefit to this for tax payers is that the money isn’t being spent on trips for politicians and their families.

Rant by Tax Payer


  1. Do research · May 25, 2011

    It’s also masonry work to protect the integrity of the building. Not just window tinting.

  2. OP · May 25, 2011

    READ THE POST. I said $40,000,000+ for “renovations”, not just window tinting.

  3. Q · May 25, 2011

    The cost may seem high, but it is a large building which hadn’t seen any significant renovation since construction was completed in 1960. I couldn’t find a figure for the floor area of the east block so I did some quick calculations and came to a rough floor area of 22000sq m (236806sf).

    Based on the 50mil estimate this would work out to about $2200-2300 per sq m ($200-220 per sf) of floor area. If you take all the factors (windows, masonry repair/remediation/refinishing, roofing, interior refinishing, labor, the fact the building is in use during renovations. I’m also sure I missed some items) into consideration it isn’t exactly that high of a cost.

    Given that all construction costs in the province have seen a dramatic increase in the past few years I understand why the price has been revised.

  4. Q · May 25, 2011

    You did allude that the window tinting cost 40mil by saying that the next elected party would require an additional 40mil to change the window tint again.

  5. chickenworth st · May 25, 2011


  6. OP · May 25, 2011

    Have you ever heard of sarcasm or is that word not in your vocabulary?

    $40,000,000+ to change window tinting was a word of sarcasm regarding how they always revise and change their estimates, as in “the next party will probably claim it costs $40,000,000+ to change the window tinting”.

    Zing yourself. Shut your pie-hole and shove your opportunistic comments up your dark-side.

  7. Max Zorin · May 25, 2011

    Everybody good now? Got all that anger out?

  8. Jon · May 25, 2011

    yeah it is quite a large undertaking. I think the renovations were warranted given the building is getting old and hasn’t seen any major renovations since it’s construction.

  9. Steve · May 25, 2011

    It costs what it costs. The thing that really pisses me off is putting up those tory blue panels. The colour was teal ever since the building was constructed in order to be politically neutral. The House of Assembly is the people’s house, where our elected representatives go, and civil servants work, regardless of political affiliation. I think the decision to go with deep tory blue is an insult to citizens and an insult to the democratic ideal.